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kashmir first - Subscribe
first post but hardly virginal.
Mood: recalcitrant

kashmir irony Jan - Subscribe
i think irony is when you laugh without a trace of humour. malice is when the other person is laughing. insanity is when everyone laughs together. insanity can also be called politicking.

kashmir family Jan - Subscribe
if i start to grow colours on my head, tell my family that i love them. tell them that i almost had all the answers. tell them i wished i was a greater agent of change. tell them i learnt a lot from them. tell them i didn't try, i did. tell them i forgive them and hope they forgive me.

kashmir the back of your neck and the front of my face Jan - Subscribe
the part of the body that is most sensitive to touch is the back of the neck because no one sees the back of their necks. all information stored in their brains associates that part of the body with touch. the feel of a pillow, the ground, someone's hand, a collar. try looking at something and imagine pressing that object to the back of your neck. now try imagine holding it in your hands. i could be wrong but it's been pretty convincing, hasn't it?

kashmir definitions are what we live by Jan - Subscribe
a man is defined by what he wants, what he doesn't want and the measures of his sacrifices. but with the right economic principles in place, you can make a man want what you choose and therefore you can define him. albeit never completely.