i work, you scum around

i looked at the underside of work and service and saw that i cherished what i reaped. isnt that more than what one can ask for? or should one always ask for more and bigger things?

does the onus to bring about a change for the better fall on he who knows and realizes the need to bring about that change? as a student leader, my days are mere minutes and the clock is always late. late at night. we sometimes do what unquestionably drives us and we dont question cuz we know what we do is right. we dont question.

you choose to wallow in your self professed self destruction. pity only encourages you further. the only thing that will wake you is a calamity. let us all then pray for your awakening and hopefully, maturity.

nobody begins with the ability to listen. it's something you have to learn to do, like riding a bike. listen and learn cuz no matter what you know, you dont know shit.
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