my artform.

i prefer to be silent. thinking the odd thought, knowing i'll never pen them all down. music is a wonderful expression. it is the artform. most people think that when i drum, i'm being my extrovert side. on the contrary, it's a glimpse into my quieter shades. in my less than lucid moments, i am truly, honestly lost in the music. i am between the sound and the body. i am in automatic mode. this is my expression. i never look at the crowd because it's not about them. music is about me. my quieter side is selfish and thinks of me and my needs alone and what i need is that trip, that high, getting that beat, hitting that crash. i never speak unless it's a bloody emergency. like the time when my floor tom kept moving and one of the legs got caught with the pedal and i shouted my head off and the tech guy just sat and nodded. arse.
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