my waning smile

I thought I've paid my dues for
unrequiting loves
with unrequited loves
and I dared a trepid step
to seize a quaint love

but alas,
i am still the fool indeed
for though I dare to declare that
she likes me
i am surer that she loves someone else.

and by going with all that
is honorable
i walked away

but she was as a butterfly
fluttering through my heart
flitting, fluttering, frustratingly
building up hopes
only to knock them over
and have it broken like a vase
escaping guilt with a glint of mischief
and a smile that could only radiate
and she leaves
to give me the better part of the day
to put myself together

only to be a little silly on the phone at 3 in the morning
and knocking me over again.
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mangrlac09 - April 04th, 2005
That's a good poem!!!! YOu should write more!!!!wink.gif

kashmir - April 09th, 2005
thanks =)


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