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kasso sweet beans I have a blog - Subscribe
well, I finally have my blog the way I want.... and, this site kicks I like it way better then Live Journal.. Live Journal sucks...BLECK.. >.< anywho here's my blog hope you like it

later kasso
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kasso go to hell cottage grove!! Oct 18th, 2005 11:19:35 pm - Subscribe
hello I got my retainer....and I've had my braces off for a week.... pretty sweet..when I got back at school the day was more than half over which was cool, and I stayed after school with my boyfriend to watch my brothers soccer game. I'm pretty sure i hate the ref and the team they played too... the ref, for one was only making call on our team, and insted of giving a red card to the other team for giveing one of our players a concusion(he didnt even know where he was) hes like...."know what? I think I'm gonna make that a penalty kick and screw over elmira.." damn I was pissed off at that ref, so was my grandma.. (her and my mom were there too.) she was like "thats ref's an asshole" she yelled it too! lol it was so funny ha ha
so, in closing, I hate Cottage grove with all my being lol
anywho I'm gonna go now
bye bye
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kasso Im in school Oct 19th, 2005 4:42:45 pm - Subscribe
yup im in journalism and slacking off lol pretty kewl later

kasso ^_^
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kasso poor teege Oct 19th, 2005 10:26:16 pm - Subscribe
my poor conpadre TJ has a meanie Ex-girlfriend and shes being gay

I'm sorry TJ

love kassidy
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kasso gaaaad Oct 19th, 2005 11:55:55 pm - Subscribe
geeze I'm really watching lost on TV and talking to one of my friends on I've been commenting on a bunch of peoples blogs and no one will comment back.....grrr

oh well

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