Right Where It Hurts
Date: Jan 24th, 2006 9:51:02 pm - Subscribe

Been awhile again... Theres just some things i wanna get off my chest and i dont think anyone around me is willing to listen.

Ok... so heres what happened, ive been with my gf for 2 months now, shes 2 yrs older than me.
Well the other day we were talking about kids and she told me that she actually had a kid whos is turning 3 in may. Her daughter lives somewhere else and she rarely ever sees her. She never bothered to mention this before and i dont think this is too fair of her to mention it now.

Iunno... its not that i dont love her, its just that... i dont think this is where i want my life to lead to now, i still think i have alot of potential to do something great. I think if i keep getting involved with her then im just gonna settle down... and i cant do that yet... im far from finished... if i knew she had a kid before we started dating, then i probably would of thought twice about going out with her... I know thats an awful thing to say but... iunno...

Iunno what to do...
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You Said That I Would Never Forget This Time
Date: Dec 25th, 2005 12:54:17 am - Subscribe

Heh... so its christmas time again, I dont do too well on holidays, especially Christmas.
Seems like everyone is mad at me during christmas, especially my parents... the whole day they were screaming and yelling at me to do all these things and it just made me really sad cuz i couldnt do everything they asked and i didnt want to say anything back cuz i just wanted everyone to be happy.
Well after i did all they asked i went into my room and just sat looking at my hands cuz they were shaking alot and iunno... i just really wanted to cry... so as i sat there, my dad walks in and says that he couldnt afford to buy me a gift this year cuz he had to buy everyone else one and there was so much i wanted to say to him but i didnt... i just told him it was ok and that i didnt want anything anyways...
During most of this i waited for my gf to come back from what she was doing and she even seemed mad at me... i really needed her today and now she wont even talk to me.
*sigh* i remember christmas being so awesome for me, being around my whole family and getting lots of presents and now... its just the hardest day of the year for me... i never get to the point of breaking as i do on christmas...
um... but yeah... i think im done

*To Perfect* Hun, your the only reason why i even come to this site, i wanted to wish you a very happy christmas. I hope everything goes alright for you, i love you hun, take care
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