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Date: May 25th, 2006 11:07:26 am - Subscribe
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Oh dash it! enough of all that serious crap i've been dishing out. This time i thought it would be nice not to talk about something in particular, instead i'll talk about anything and everything under the sun.

I just read in good 'ol times of india that the state government of Maharashtra is running a debt to the tune of Rs 1.2 lakhs...err sorry that is Rs 1.2 lakh Crores.
I was shocked...i mean its laughable we are discussing reservation, equality and stuff when what we should be doing is pack our bags and get away from this place. After all Mumbai is economically the most advanced city in India. Some 'Maha' rashtra huh?....but the politicians must've tried their best, sadly their ploy of changing the name from Bombay to Mumbai didn't work. wink.gif

The ticket checkers(TC) of the indian railways are protesting against the railways' ad in which travellers are urged not to put up against corrupt TC's....poor guys...did you know that the average capacity of sleeper seats is 720 but the railways issues 800-1000 waiting list tickets?....and then when these guys board the train hoping that the TC will 'adjust' them somewhere.....who is to blame? By the way in a move that will delight all 'Indians' the ticket checkers association has decided that the TC's will allow all ticketless travellers on the train until the said ad is removed

Swaminathan Aiyar criticized the government with an observation that i whole heartedly agree with:-
"The present government is more into redistributing poverty than creating prosperity?"
I guess for that we should award the ruling party another term?

Poor Ajit Agarkar....when finally he showed some consistency, he was not considered in the test team.

Ok Ok i did not have anything in particular to talk what? neither did any of the newspapers or channels....what do you expect me to write about?....the stock market?...ok next time then!! tounge.gif
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