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khadke ROOT CANAL......!!!....ouch! - Subscribe
Guys i am writhing in pain......i feel like punching the next person i see....ouch!!....and to think today was the first appointment of a series of 5 visits to the there a god?...
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khadke The price of success.... Jul 5th, 2006 3:11:59 am - Subscribe

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Reliance is a name that has become synonymous with the word success, well, another set of commonly used synonyms for Reliance are cheats, conceited, and a few others that would not be appropriate here... wink.gif

Reliance had very humble beginnings, Dhirubhai Ambani worked as a clerk in an oil company in Aden, Yemen as a 16 year old. While there he realised that the silver content in the currency of Yemen was valued more than the actual value of the coins!....thus he utilised this descrepancy to obtain the seed money of $3000to establish a modest trading business. Now this is the story of the beginning of the great empire....tell me...why didn't anybody else think of this?...of the thousands of gujrati expats in Yemen, only this man found this discrepancy?....amazing huh? sounds dubious to me...maybe there was some other way he came into $3000?

After that too the Reliance house has been clouded with controversy, their links with politicians enable them to get exclusive licenses, they have always been accused of shady underhand dealings, the Reliance Infocomm fiasco is so well known....over-billing customers seems to be a business policy, hell!, if you want a crash course in foul words go visit the nearest Reliance WebWorld for an hour and you will find a disgruntled customer doing the honours....

Now Reliance is planning to enter the retail marketing sector....they plan to deal with farmers directly and buy goods from them to sell in their stores....god help the humble Indian farmer....!!
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