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khadke coMEDIAns - Subscribe
Well the rains continue in goa and i haven't seen the sun in 3 days. So i have been watching t.v. amid the power cuts, and yesterday all the news channels were blaring out the misdeeds of one Mr. Rahul Mahajan. I mean giving news is one thing but going on and on about just one piece of crap?!!....'comon do some research, find some interesting bit of news to provide the viewers with....but no they just repeat the same stuff again and again. Aaj tak is the leader of the pack...the ticker on the channel says in bold letters 'Breaking news' and its been like that for 24 hrs!!....they try to sensationalize even the smallest of information and create a controversy where there is none.

This isn't just yesterday only....few months back for 2 straight days the channels wee covering aamir khan's wedding! Who gives a shit about where he is getting marries, which car he comes in, or where he is going for his honeymoon?....the electronic media has become a bunch of clowns...there are no morals left and there is no sense of social responsibility. I really disgusted by these news channels. Can you believe it, star news actually runs a daily show called saas bahu in which they show the goings-on of the saas-bahu serials on star tv!!....what crap!

I must say though that cnn-ibn does show some semblance of social responsibility whilst covering stories. The way they went about covering the reservation protests was really tasteful and done with good intention...lets see how long this responsible behaviour lasts though..
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khadke Living life bit by BIT Jun 4th, 2006 8:12:16 am - Subscribe
*ing- me, madi, baba, ladu, and many more.....

As the name suggests the essence of this post will be to walk the readers through a day in the life of a to-be engineer at BIT, Mesra.

The day starts at 6:30 a.m!! Nice and early!!...wait a minute...i've never woken up that early...ever...shit! the clock's not wrist watch (which i have to first locate from under a pile of garbage-read books - ) confirms my is 7:45 and a good 15 minutes before the start of classes. Quick...brush teeth...go to the loo...occupied?....Be#%@%@...lunch break mein jaana hoga, abhi hold karo yaar!...clothes?...the ones i slept in are fine enough! class mein kisi ladki se le lunga....un log ke pas rehta hain extra....8:02!! run....cycle to 3rd sem mein hi chori ho gayi mein ghuso...ek auto mein kam se kam 15 log bharte hain....great example of conservation of fuel!
Phew!...reached ke paise diye nahi....autowale ko kalti de di...heh heh!!

Chalo...finally in class...lekin proff. kahan hain bhai?....lagta hain he's comin...arre ye to madi hain...aaj jaldi aa gaya.."hey man!!, wassup!"....
madi says "abey khadke, pen dena yaar"
"ruk saale pehle mein apne liye ek mang leta hun"
baba: "abey lagta hain proff aaj nahi aayega"
me: "hmmm....lekin tereko kya tension hain?"
baba : "abey neend kaise ayegi?"
convulsive laughter throughout the group...sumit bewildered...(main to fact bata raha tha bhai!)
true to his money proff does not come....aakhir bola to tha extra class lega...arre usko laga hoga koi nahi aayega...saala Be%$@^&!
madi :"chalo canteen chalte hain boss..."
me :"haan waise bhi 2k2 pass out hone wala hain....maybe we'll catch P.J.!!!..abhi jyada din nahi bache hain, sumit, nadu chalo canteen chalte hain!!"
ladu(confused):"huh?...kya?...ah?...haan haan chalo....ummm...haan"

To be continued......

disclaimer: This post is a work of fiction...any resemblance to any living person is purely accidental

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khadke Living life bit by BIT - (2nd bit) Jun 5th, 2006 5:47:42 am - Subscribe
So here we are in the canteen....sab baithe hain...nobody wants to buy anything...kyon?....arrey ghonchu...kisi ke paas change nahi rehta hain....sab ke liye dena padega.
We are wondering ki abhi kissse treat mangi jaaye....tabhi right on cue yuck arrives...all 4 feet 6-and-a-half inches of him and his antiquated (old, dilapidated) set of teeth...he has company....NO! not the one and only PAGAL KHADEY!!!...nahiiiiii!!...lord please spare my soul!
The atmosphere is tense...nobody wants to make place for PAGAL to sit next to him!....i break the ice by saying-
"kya yuck?...brush kiya?...nahaya?...kya baat hain!....."
yuck : "arey kya re..kyon tum mera maarta hain har baar..."
just then PAGAL gets one of his fits..
Pagal : "areei...tum logon ne B.M. ka B.S. suna hain kya?"
madi : "arre bhai, yeh international short form kyon use karte hain be?"
Pagal (chuckles) : "B.S- Buffalo Soldier!..B.M toh tum logon ko pata hi hoga!"
me : "abey tereko chappel ka favorite ungli dekhna hain kya?"
Pagal : "B.M nahi pata!!..BOB MARLEY!"
whilst saying this pagal cocked his head to one side and shook it so vigourously that we thought it might fall off....saala Dev Anand ko heart attack aa jata....all of us groan...sumit is writhing with anger...(last night pagal was in his room for 2 hours)

Just then the door is flung open!...and standing in the door we recognise the silhoutte of non other than GV'aas'.....we brace ourselves for the inevitable onslought of abeein's....the legendary moustache is fluttering in the wind....and his face contorts into a habitually drastic grin as he recognises us...

what will happen?...will GV'aas' torture us again?...or will we succeed in getting a treat?...what about pagal khadey?....can we control ourselves and not kill him?...all the answers and more will be provided in the next post...

p.s. am going to pune for next 4-5 posts will be made during these days....i dont mix business with pleasure....(watching babes in pune sure is a pleasure ain't it wink.gif )...untill next time...ciao
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khadke Living life bit by BIT - (3rd bit) Jun 6th, 2006 12:25:29 pm - Subscribe
GV'aas' approached us and all of us readied ourselves for the inevitable torment....i said
"kya be tera class nahi hain kya?"
GV(nasally):"abeein...(everybody groans...the crooked smile curves even more)...class se nikaal diya."
convulsive laughter
GV(nasaly):"abeein...jabki i was late only about 20 mins...vaise theek hain, is subject mein atendance accha hain"
ladu:"kitna hain be?"
GV(nasaly,spontaneously):"abeein...almost 63.64%"
convulsive laughter
sumit:"abey chal bey...tereko aaj treat deni padegi"
sab koi:"haan...haan..GV...deni hi padegi aaj"
GV(nasaly):"abeein heh heee hee....(this last bit was what GV'aas' considers laughter but what to mankind can be best describe as the kind of sound that comes when you screech your nails against a blackboard)....kyon bhai..reason to bolo..!!"
sumit:"abey tum BIT ka top coder ban gaya hai...TCPC ki rankings nikli hain kal.."
GV(nasaly):"abeein...woh sab theek hain lekin..i am really short of cash be...mere paas sirf 432 Rs hain"
convulsive laughter..(we have got used to the convulsive laughter when GV is around)
everybody:"bahut hain boss...chalega"
madi:"abey saale tereko mujhe 100 bucks dene the woh kab dega saale...jeb mein 400 lekar ghoom raha hain?"
GV(nasaly):"abeein...yeh maine kal udhar liye hain...i took 1000 bucks from pritish"
sumit:"saale tum to kal piya ke saath lunch kar raha tha..."
GV(nasaly):"abeein...wahin pe to 568 Rs kharch ho gaye..usko treat de raha tha.."
me:"speaking of treats......"
GV:"haan haan...theek hain....kya kya loge....."

and thats how we triumphed once again......

next time the introduction of the legendary fundebaas...Mr. S.R.Funda...beware the next post will be lethal to those who's ears have not received adequate exercise....
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khadke Bad day.... Jun 18th, 2006 6:18:47 am - Subscribe
Guys i had a really bad day yesterday...i think it was one of the shitiest days i've had in my life
When i woke up in the morning(12 noon may not be morning for everyone but it is to those who have stayed up till 4.00 a.m!!)...i saw that the depressing rain was back after a whole week of absence.....ugh!

I had a really important date with a really important friend and now i would have to sit in the house reading ATLAS SHRUGGED...true it is a great philosophical book by Ayn Rand...and i love her books....but this ones just too slow!!....god!....if you thought fountainhead was bulky, wait till you get your hands on this!....i am half way through it and the main protagonist, the typical Ayn Rand HERO is not yet introduced...and the question "WHO IS JOHN GALT?" is bugging me like hell!!....coming back to the point...i called my friend to postpone the date and resigned to my fate...this rain is not gonna stop for another coupla days...

by the evening i was ready to tear out the hair from my head one-by-one to releave me of my boredom...just then my pals from near my house beckoned me to a game of in this torrential rains? the mucky paddy fields? bet! i said-"you're on guys!"...but then i realized i dont have shoes out here...i left them at my hostel in BIT...oh! what the f**k...i'll play barefeet!!

so there i was playing barefoot amongst guys with football boots that have hard studs on the soles...and all sorts of small sharp stones and clutter was strewn around the playing field....within a few minutes and a few cuts and bruises later i realized that this was a bad bad idea...i was playing in the midfield and was backtraking to stop the striker of the opposing team...who was charging towards our goal...and before i knew it there was a searing burning sensation on the underside of the sole of my feet...i pulled up in pain...and what i saw was straight out of a horror film!...the skin from the underside of my right foot was dangling from my heel...ouch!... blood...blood...and more blood...the next hour was a mates taking me to the doctors'(he too was amazed at the injury-"I have never seen anything quite like this in my life!")...then home...and left alone to lick my wounds...(no not literaly)

Well...there i was cursing myself for my foolishness...but more was in store for me...remember the friend i had cancelled a date with?...well, instead of the sympathy that i was expecting i got the accusation that i postponed the date because of the rain but because i wanted to play football!!...ugh..crap
Then i switched on the T.V. to watch my favorite team Czech Republic in action....and they lost 2-0 to Ghana....of all teams Ghana!
the day sucked big time.....and my fortune for the day in orkut? will accomplish a great feat today!

off the mark(for BITians only):-
sujit beat gvs at aoe.....
gvs shaved his moustache.....
adi is in know why....(Senapati asshole)

(for non-BITians)
italy vs usa game saw 3 red cards....
sri lanka beat england in the first one day...
A.L.I.C.E is a great A.I. chat program...
do not watch phir hera big time

the world goes on....

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