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khadke Microsoft vs Google...David vs Goliath? - Subscribe

I picked this information from a website

What possible rivalry could there be between two companies, out of which one has been founded over 30 years ago and is running the global software show, while the other is just seven years old and has the purpose to help users search the dense jungle of today's Internet? If we were talking about any other companies, I would have advised you to bet on the first one, but when we're talking about Microsoft and Google, no rules apply.

Through what miracle has a company that's been around for just seven years has managed to turn itself into a threatening and dangerous presence for the giant from Redmond?

Microsoft's abandoned child

Some years back, when the Internet was just a newborn, Microsoft has analyzed the baby and decided that it shouldn't get too involved in it's growth and development, because it hadn't had any chances of reaching adulthood. It rather took upon itself the task of educating another son from the great family of IT technology, the PC. The events that followed seemed to prove the great OS master right, and after the crash, the other founding fathers shared the same opinion.

The story would have probably ended here, and the Internet would have probably remained just an e-mail vehicle, if it wasn't for one of the older brothers, who decided to take charge of its education and discipline. The beginning has not been quite a bright one, since the little kid had turned into a rather rebelling and disorganized teenager, and Google didn't have enough money in order to supply it with expensive gear.

However, slowly, but surely, with just a handful of Linux servers placed in the right places, with some search algorithms which nobody can really understand and which are still giving headaches to the experts from the rival companies and with a few commercials well placed in the educational breaks, Google has managed to take this child into the world and make it a lot friendlier. And the result is represented by the few billion dollars accumulated in the company's bank accounts, which have become a real threat for Microsoft, whose favorite child, the PC, hasn't been able to keep up the pace with the Internet.

Leaving the joke aside, the Microsoft vs. Google confrontation actually represents the battle between two concepts. Even if Microsoft still lingered in the sweet illusion that the PC is in the centre of the network, Google has understood a lot faster that the network is actually a huge PC. And that's how, in just seven years, Google has managed to occupy a position that is quite threatening for Microsoft's supremacy.

Why is Google a threat to Microsoft?

As long as Google's ambitions were related only to organizing information and imposing some sense of discipline on the Internet, Microsoft hasn't had too many reasons to be concerned. Realizing the gravity of the mistake it has made by abandoning the newborn Internet, Microsoft has tried to do something for its education with the help of the MSN, Hotmail and other services, but the distance between them and Google was already too big to be recovered.

Moreover, at a certain point, Google has decided the game of organizing the Internet has become somewhat of an automatic process, and it was about time to pull out the products and services. For these, you don't need Windows, you just have to be connected to the Internet, and have a browser, not necessarily the Internet Explorer (actually, anything else BUT the IE), and the situation became quite unacceptable for Microsoft.

The idea that, at a certain point, a company could develop applications that would not be restricted to using a certain operating system, but just to accessing the Web is quite hallucinating for Microsoft, and represents, in the end, the complete and total failure of its ideas about the way software should look and work.

But Microsoft really began to see just how close behind it Google really is with the launch of the Google Desktop Search, which rendered the Search utility from Windows useless and which proved that there are no longer some very well defined boundaries between the Internet and PC contents.

Stuck in some endless projects regarding the way in which it will launch the Windows Vista (formerly known as Longhorn), Microsoft has not been able to quite realize the nature of the current trend. Why should a user depend on Windows or to the Internet Explorer when he can access his application directly from the Web? Well, he really shouldn't, and that's how the migration towards the alternatives to this OS is encouraged.The Internet will decide Microsoft's future

The thing that Microsoft fears the most is that Google, in its known secretive style, will decide that it's about time to launch an OS, which would be a real catastrophe for Windows.

Despite the rumors, it's not very likely that Google will seriously get involved in such a project, considering that it's not that simple to create an OS and, by doing so, it would go well beyond what it knows to do best and venture into a territory where Microsoft, despite its problems, is still the master. The concept that Google continues to follow is to offer applications and services, and the development of an Office suite whose functions could be accessed and used from within a browser window would really represent a devastating blow for Microsoft.

Google has already teamed up with Sun, an alliance that could mean nothing but bad news for Microsoft, because both companies have enough knowledge, resources and determination in order to develop Web applications. Loyal to its concept that the PC is the center of the world, Microsoft is doing everything it can in order to launch the Windows Vista, without realizing that its future is at the hands of the Internet.

Compared to Google, who has already realized that the future is in the Web applications, Microsoft still hasn't got a coherent offering in this area, and many of the services it provides are just bad clones of what Google is doing.

The success of Windows Vista, crucial for Microsoft, in not really related to its intrinsic quality, but rather to the way in which it will manage to influence the quality of the user-Internet interaction, an area where Google is the market leader. Microsoft's internal reorganization, the increased interest showed by the company's officials for the Web services, the development of some services like Windows Live, the integration of RSSs in the Windows Vista platform, the preoccupation for launching a better and safer Internet Explorer, all of these are signs that Microsoft has finally begun to realize what's the direction in which the wind of change blows. The only problem it has is to recover a huge difference, and the fact that Google is way ahead in this game.

There are only a few months left before the launch of the Windows Vista, and during this time Microsoft must be very attentive to what Google will launch (or not) during this period of time, and in the same time prey that the former search engine ("former" because today it's much more) won't launch an alternative to the MS Office and that the Vista will sell big.

Because otherwise, the launch of Windows Vista could be the beginning of the end for Microsoft.

David has just struck Goliath with his first stone....and Goliath doesn't like it..

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khadke Digest this...... May 23rd, 2006 1:38:08 pm - Subscribe
The film version of Dan Brown's blockbuster book The Da Vinci Code is also striking gold at the box office, taking in a staggering 224 million dollars during its opening weekend, the publication Screen International reported Monday.

That sum represents the second-biggest global launch in film history, just behind the 253.9 million dollars registered last year by Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith.

According to the publication Variety, The Da Vinci Code was the biggest-ever launch earner outside the United States, with 147 million dollars, 2 million more than Star Wars III.

The film, which had a budget of 125 million dollars, opened in every international market except India and the Mideast.

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khadke Of Objectivism....... May 24th, 2006 12:56:34 am - Subscribe
I was going through a stack of old books at home to find some book worthwhile. I ended up picking The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. This will be the third time i am reading the masterpiece, and the amazing thing is the second time i took longer to finish it then the first and now, already, i have a feeling the third dialogue i have with the book will be longer than the second one. Each time i come across a subtle point i had overlooked in the previous read, i come to enjoy the concept of Objectivism which itself is put forward so subtely.....and viciously.

Objectivism is the concept of placing one's ego above everything (and everyone) else. To do only those actions that may result in betterment of your existence and that may eventually improve you productiviy....regardless of the effect on 'mankind' or 'society'. Every man should have a single goal in life and all his actions should work towards fufilling that goal. Horward Roark and Galt, the most popular heroes of Rand embody the concept of objectivism. So the naive will ask almost involuntarily "So that means i should be an objectivist?".
The person is naive because by asking that question itself he is not an objectivist. An objectivist follows no example, he himself is an example....(but if everyone is an objectivist there is no such thing happy.gif ) The opposite of objectivism is come to be known as-quite expectedly at that-subjectivism. Sadly, majority of the world is subjective. Subjectivism breeds mediocrity, since subjectivity involves doing that, what the 'public' or 'society' may deem right. In such a scenario it is rather evident that the creator-the original thinker-will live, think, act only for himself, whereas the commoner-the parasite-will live, think, act for others. This is the current state of affairs in todays world. How does this breed mediocrity? Well the parasite can't think for himself, he breeds of others, hence creativity is diminished and we make do with what we have and do that what is expected of us.

So....what am i you ask?am i Roark or am i Peter Keating?

Peter Keating.......................oh most undoubteably.
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khadke Who deserves reservation? May 24th, 2006 9:50:37 pm - Subscribe
It would seem indecent--almost vulgar--if i refrained from commenting on the issue that has gripped our country for the past couple of weeks....the reservation fiasco.
I just read in the newspaper that the government has estimated a cost of Rs. 8,000 Crores towards expanding the capacity of the institutes so that the number of seats for open candidates remain the same despite ripley would say-Unbelievable?....Believe it!

Coming to the core issue it is atrocious to suggest-as suggested by left parties-that there is no empirical evidence that reserved category candidates cause a reduction in the level of merit of an institute....well...a student with 90% cant get thru AIIMS but a category guy with only 60% gets thru....glaring evidence right there i would say...but surely the question was too paltry to even warrant an answer.

There is truth in the argument however that we should ensure oppurtunities are equally distributed even at the cost of merit(though not entirely neglecting the importance of meritocracy). For example i know a person who had to travel 5km by foot or bicycle to reach his high school in a village in Maharashtra, surely this person is deprived of equal oppurtunity, and if he doesn't score highly in entrance exams, does it mean he is a dumbass?....NO!

Well then how should we ensure both equality and merit?I have a suggestion to make....the distinction among applicants should be made not on the basis of castes but on the basis of wether the student has been brought up in an URBAN society or a RURAL one. This should be the only criterion. It is the rural population that really doesn't have the facilities and are deprived. Lower caste people in cities have all the facilities and equal oppurtunities as that of any other....after 50 years thats one thing that we have achieved.

I was waiting to see if someone else suggests a better solution. Considering the fanfare and the cost at which the beauraucracy fuctions in India, someone should have. But i guess this is a futile effort huh?.....what we say or discuss will not make an iota of difference to the politicians of our country.

Politics is searching for a problem, analysing it erroneously, and applying the wrong solution
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khadke Amusing musings..... May 25th, 2006 11:07:26 am - Subscribe
Oh dash it! enough of all that serious crap i've been dishing out. This time i thought it would be nice not to talk about something in particular, instead i'll talk about anything and everything under the sun.

I just read in good 'ol times of india that the state government of Maharashtra is running a debt to the tune of Rs 1.2 lakhs...err sorry that is Rs 1.2 lakh Crores.
I was shocked...i mean its laughable we are discussing reservation, equality and stuff when what we should be doing is pack our bags and get away from this place. After all Mumbai is economically the most advanced city in India. Some 'Maha' rashtra huh?....but the politicians must've tried their best, sadly their ploy of changing the name from Bombay to Mumbai didn't work. wink.gif

The ticket checkers(TC) of the indian railways are protesting against the railways' ad in which travellers are urged not to put up against corrupt TC's....poor guys...did you know that the average capacity of sleeper seats is 720 but the railways issues 800-1000 waiting list tickets?....and then when these guys board the train hoping that the TC will 'adjust' them somewhere.....who is to blame? By the way in a move that will delight all 'Indians' the ticket checkers association has decided that the TC's will allow all ticketless travellers on the train until the said ad is removed

Swaminathan Aiyar criticized the government with an observation that i whole heartedly agree with:-
"The present government is more into redistributing poverty than creating prosperity?"
I guess for that we should award the ruling party another term?

Poor Ajit Agarkar....when finally he showed some consistency, he was not considered in the test team.

Ok Ok i did not have anything in particular to talk what? neither did any of the newspapers or channels....what do you expect me to write about?....the stock market?...ok next time then!! tounge.gif
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