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khadke Taking Stock - Subscribe
The Economic Times responded to the bloodbath on the stock market with the following headline....
funny huh?
Not if you have invested heavily in the market...a news item identified a 32 year old man who lost over 100 Crores in the market because of the crash last week. Well all i can say is such incidents are isolated and can be (and are) avoided by most people....for me personally the only difference is that the trader who used to have pizzas and burgers for lunch will have to make do with vada pavs.
Everybody is blaming the FII's- who sold heavily-for the crash, but hey! they are the ones responsible for the rise in the first place. I remember 5 years back the Sensex languished in the 5-6K it is 11k-12k and now these guys are grumbling?...sore losers...
FinMin Chidambaram says..."My advice to investors is to stay invested!!" heh heh...I mean he's right! This isn't the end of the world!....These are infact mouth-watering levels to invest in the market...if you look long term(more than a year from hence) stock prices are bound to be more than current levels....but for those already invested these are eye-watering levels. Thats right these guys are literally crying!
So thats how i've 'taken stock' of the situation...any other views?..adi? i'm listening.....

By the way the anti-reservation stir across the country has intensified and the PM was quoted as saying "I think the issue has been dealt with"....what crap!

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khadke Place'meant'-what does it mean to you? May 29th, 2006 2:34:48 am - Subscribe
Within a couple of months from now the guys at my college(Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi) will be going in for campus placements. I still dont feel a thing......i mean is it me or has placemeant lost its meaning?

Last year was the best year campus placement-wise...and already there are indications that this year will be much better. Being a part of the placement cell for this season i had the oppurtunity to talk to the HR guys from TCS who had come to give their PPT. We asked the guys what figure do we expect TCS to recruit this year from BIT. His answer was as follows...
"See, BIT has been the formost supplier of talent as far as TCS in the eastern region is concerned...this year TCS went to Shivpur for early recruitment(end of the 6th sem) and ended up offering jobs to 250-300-odd people...(not sure of the exact figure...but thats the ballpark) now you imagine what TCS is looking at from BIT!"

So what? It is a big deal boss!...i mean do we take it for granted that TCS mein ho jayega? bet!...but then look at the other side of the coin...if you dont get thru does that show upon you?...freaky thought huh?

Microsoft is gonna be the first company to come to BIT given everything goes to plan...Package?...a whopping 9.1 lakhs p.a. Next to come Google...package?..if MS gives 9.1 dont you expect the same from Google? Thats not all!...we have core companies like TATA STEEL, FREESCALE, ORACLE etc also queing up....its all hunky dory right now!

But how many will Microsoft recruit?...1-2 at the most...certainly not me!! What do we have to offer these guys....most of us have loitered around for 3 years...what knowlegde do we posess that makes us a surety for getting placed?...i dont know...i dont know what a company will see in me that will force it too hire me....i am depressed.
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khadke Rain Drain May 31st, 2006 10:50:42 am - Subscribe

Oh man!...when will this rain stop? has been raining relentlessly for the past 2-3 days. I am couped up in my house, unable to go out, hang out with pals, and the frequent power cuts mean erratic online existence...ugh! this is getting irritating....
Last night i went out with my friends for a was pretty late and we decided to go to the village region on the outskirts of Margao city. It was a wonderful experience driving through heavy torrential rain, a couple of trees lay uprooted here and there and it was a good adventure for bored souls. We were driving through the paddy field, by now flooded with water and resembling small lakes. On the onset of monsoons in goa, there is sudden explosion in the population of Bull-frogs and people scamper through these paddy fields hunting bullfrogs...!Why?...well frog legs are an exotic delicacy in these parts of the world...(i haven't had the courage to partake of any though). Anyway we came across a group of jubilant youths who were marveling at the number of frogs they had caught and thought...what the heck! lets join these guys!
We rolled up our jeans and waded through the mucky waters to catch them frogs! And man were they huge!! was the size of my hand!...Wild eh?...Yeah! especially when now and then someone would spot a water snake sending shudders down my spine!.....came close to be bitten a couple of times myself!!...but i still live to tell the story....I only wish we had a camera to capture the fine moments of the adventure....oh yes, it was an adventure for me after being trapped inside the house for three days on the was quite a thrill! question to be answered though....Did i taste any of the frog-legs?....well it tastes just like chicken! So thats how the little adventure went...several details had to be skipped because of their graphic nature (read-the actual trapping and killing of the frog)

To continue the irritation....Da Vinci code has been banned in Goa....aaaahhh!! What crap!Looks like i will have to watch it on a
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