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Date: May 24th, 2006 12:56:34 am - Subscribe
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I was going through a stack of old books at home to find some book worthwhile. I ended up picking The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. This will be the third time i am reading the masterpiece, and the amazing thing is the second time i took longer to finish it then the first and now, already, i have a feeling the third dialogue i have with the book will be longer than the second one. Each time i come across a subtle point i had overlooked in the previous read, i come to enjoy the concept of Objectivism which itself is put forward so subtely.....and viciously.

Objectivism is the concept of placing one's ego above everything (and everyone) else. To do only those actions that may result in betterment of your existence and that may eventually improve you productiviy....regardless of the effect on 'mankind' or 'society'. Every man should have a single goal in life and all his actions should work towards fufilling that goal. Horward Roark and Galt, the most popular heroes of Rand embody the concept of objectivism. So the naive will ask almost involuntarily "So that means i should be an objectivist?".
The person is naive because by asking that question itself he is not an objectivist. An objectivist follows no example, he himself is an example....(but if everyone is an objectivist there is no such thing happy.gif ) The opposite of objectivism is come to be known as-quite expectedly at that-subjectivism. Sadly, majority of the world is subjective. Subjectivism breeds mediocrity, since subjectivity involves doing that, what the 'public' or 'society' may deem right. In such a scenario it is rather evident that the creator-the original thinker-will live, think, act only for himself, whereas the commoner-the parasite-will live, think, act for others. This is the current state of affairs in todays world. How does this breed mediocrity? Well the parasite can't think for himself, he breeds of others, hence creativity is diminished and we make do with what we have and do that what is expected of us.

So....what am i you ask?am i Roark or am i Peter Keating?

Peter Keating.......................oh most undoubteably.
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anonymous - May 24th, 2006
hey nice post bt y keating wen u support objectivism y nt roark??


khadke - May 24th, 2006
thats it!!i dont support either objectivism or altruism...and its too damned hard to be Roark.

anonymous - May 24th, 2006
nice article...adi the part who am i?? we know..comet nosce..

anonymous - May 25th, 2006
good choice ;-)


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