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Who deserves reservation?

Date: May 24th, 2006 9:50:37 pm - Subscribe
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It would seem indecent--almost vulgar--if i refrained from commenting on the issue that has gripped our country for the past couple of weeks....the reservation fiasco.
I just read in the newspaper that the government has estimated a cost of Rs. 8,000 Crores towards expanding the capacity of the institutes so that the number of seats for open candidates remain the same despite ripley would say-Unbelievable?....Believe it!

Coming to the core issue it is atrocious to suggest-as suggested by left parties-that there is no empirical evidence that reserved category candidates cause a reduction in the level of merit of an institute....well...a student with 90% cant get thru AIIMS but a category guy with only 60% gets thru....glaring evidence right there i would say...but surely the question was too paltry to even warrant an answer.

There is truth in the argument however that we should ensure oppurtunities are equally distributed even at the cost of merit(though not entirely neglecting the importance of meritocracy). For example i know a person who had to travel 5km by foot or bicycle to reach his high school in a village in Maharashtra, surely this person is deprived of equal oppurtunity, and if he doesn't score highly in entrance exams, does it mean he is a dumbass?....NO!

Well then how should we ensure both equality and merit?I have a suggestion to make....the distinction among applicants should be made not on the basis of castes but on the basis of wether the student has been brought up in an URBAN society or a RURAL one. This should be the only criterion. It is the rural population that really doesn't have the facilities and are deprived. Lower caste people in cities have all the facilities and equal oppurtunities as that of any other....after 50 years thats one thing that we have achieved.

I was waiting to see if someone else suggests a better solution. Considering the fanfare and the cost at which the beauraucracy fuctions in India, someone should have. But i guess this is a futile effort huh?.....what we say or discuss will not make an iota of difference to the politicians of our country.

Politics is searching for a problem, analysing it erroneously, and applying the wrong solution
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anonymous - May 24th, 2006
itni jaldi update bhi kar diya gud..
if u really like reading blogs try 'my dayz with myself' i have added its link in my blog...


khadke - May 25th, 2006

anonymous - May 26th, 2006
i agree cast based reservation should banned..and need based are the order of the do you determine the need..what yardstick are you using..just asking..adi the was me..last time too..


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