Some changes to come
Date: Dec 26th, 2006 3:46:08 pm - Subscribe

So, there will be some links that are going to have to come down. I have a lot of Shoujo Magic links up right now, but I'll have to take those down since they no longer allow people to upload their works like that. The good thing is that all their works are available for direct download at the shoujo magic site, you just have to register for an account. I'll also be removing some of the dead anime links and adding a few more music videos within the next two weeks.

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Some ebay manga auctions
Date: Nov 23rd, 2006 1:20:21 am - Subscribe

No updates quite yet, I promise, once December hits, I'll have something for you guys, it's just school has been very busy lately. Anyways, hope everyon one is having a great Thanksgiving and please check out some of my ebay manga auctions at:

Manga Auctions

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More Sugar Sugar Rune
Date: Oct 28th, 2006 2:05:56 pm - Subscribe

Here's the newest episode of Sugar Sugar Rune along with the other missing episodes, so now I have all current Sugar Sugar Rune episodes uploaded happy.gif

Sugar Sugar Rune Episode 16
Sugar Sugar Rune Episode 17
Sugar Sugar Rune Episode 18
Sugar Sugar Rune Episode 19
Sugar Sugar Rune Episode 20

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font problems
Date: Oct 26th, 2006 12:03:01 pm - Subscribe

Seems like the background image isn't showing up for some folks, so all they see is yellow font. Sorry guys, give it a little time to load, or refresh it.

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Re-uploads of Sugar Sugar Rune
Date: Oct 25th, 2006 9:51:42 pm - Subscribe

So I'm reuploading some of the Sugar Sugar Rune, and before I get to updating the site, the links will be posted here first.

Sugar Sugar Rune Episode 1
Sugar Sugar Rune Episode 8
Sugar Sugar Rune Episode 16

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Another chapter of Desire Climax & re-ups!
Date: Oct 24th, 2006 7:04:47 pm - Subscribe

Once again, just posting this up in advance:

Desire Climax Volume 3 Chapter 19

Here are some other re-uploads:
7 Seeds Volume 1 Chapter 3
7 Seeds Volume 2

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Desire Climax chapter 18
Date: Oct 23rd, 2006 12:27:25 pm - Subscribe

Just posting this link up in advance

Desire Climax Volume 3 Chapter 18

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