subject: Some More Exciting News...
posted on: Aug 16th, 2006 10:23:19 am - Subscribe

Very cloudy today... I hope it rains. We need rain so, so bad. It looks like a desert out here. cool.gif

Well, I started a pregnancy journal. I have never had one before (not even with my other two pregnancies.) So it is something new for me. Here is the site if you're interested:

I have been extremely sick with morning sickness... it lasts all day long and I spend a lot of time at the toilet. I don't remember my other two pregnancies being this bad in the first trimester.

Well, I have some really awesome news....
my husband has been HIRED for the youth director's position in Maryland!!!! So, it looks like we'll be moving to Maryland soon...

I'm pretty excited about it... but yet it also makes me extremely nervous... It gives me all kinds of butterflies just thinking about it.

This is a huge step for us... moving away from family and friends and starting a new beginning in a far off state... I'll keep you updated on the date of officially moving...

This is all for now...
I hope everyone has had a good summer!!!! Is everyone ready to go back to school???

No school for me. I'll be too busy packing... moving... and preparing for the baby's arrival. wink.gif

Weather: CLOUDY. 97 DEGREES.

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subject: Exciting News!!!!!!!!
posted on: Jul 25th, 2006 7:20:42 pm - Subscribe

Got some great news....

Hubby and I are having a baby!!!!

grin.gif grin.gif grin.gif grin.gif

Just found out today!!!!

Baby will be due in April...

My oldest son is so excited!!!!

My youngest son could care less... haha.

I think I'm about a month along....

I already have names picked out!!!!

First name: Kayrah/Kyrah

Middle name:Grace/Hope

First name: Isaiah

Middle name: Matthew

First name: Savannah

Middle name: Hope/Grace

Yeah, I'm maybe considering Savannah. But most likely it will be Kayrah or Kyrah.

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