Date: May 7th, 2005 9:28:10 pm - Subscribe
Mood: spiffy

um.. im sorry i havent updated in forever. i've been so busy with school and with our EOC's coming..i got stressed..
well A LOT happened this past month..
1.) went to NC State for science olympiad..we did ok..but the guys were crazy on the trip.. i gotta make good friends with them and darren managed to break a table up in the textile building. x.x dont ask.
2.) realized i have feelings for darren still after soo long..but since a recent event they got stronger and now im unsure.
3.) Darren got into a car accident going 110 mph and it was a maricle him, his brother and two friends survived.. it was scary and i was worried bout him all weekend.
4.) grades are ok. got all "A's" last time..but i got a "B" in dixons b/c megan m. didnt do her part on our election process thing.
5.) had a huge fight with one of my best friends and another guy friend. i found out they lied to me bout darren's feelings or sumthing and yeah. i strongly disliked them for 2 days and was severely depressed and stuff. but i worked things out with megan.. not the guy he is still an ass as always.
uuuh i think thats all for now.. im tired and need sum sleep for once this weekend.
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I\'m back!
Date: Mar 29th, 2005 7:12:42 pm - Subscribe
Mood: awesome

Sorry I haven't updated in forever! I have been soo busy with school, clubs, family and now I just got contacts!! ^.^
I enjoy them its just kinda weird.. I mean my eyes feel different and the contacts seem like more trouble then they're worth. But who knows, maybe I'll adjust to them.
Anyways, I'll update you on everything thats happened since I got back from Cali.
1.) Went on a trip with my Science Olympiad team and we won regionals and are all going to state! I also got to become closer to some of my guy friends! Now we are all going to NC State for our State competition and we get to spend the night up there! Its gonna be so fun! I'm excited but nervous since my partners are counting on me.
2.) We are moving back to Piedmont sometime soon maybe! Also we might go to either Porter Ridge or back to Cali! *I think my family and I loved Cali so much it became one of our choices lol*
3.) School and grades are going well. I got good grades in most all of my classes and have been getting along with mostly everyone except some idiots. lol.
4.) I started talking to a guy who is sweet but lately I've been busy. sad.gif
5.) I GRADUATED modeling school!! ^.^ It was soo much fun! I was in the overview scene and the cowgirl scene. I did some dancing and modeling on stage! I loved the expirience though! I got two more classes and a photo shoot too!
6.) Some idiot girl is trying to get me jealous by saying stuff like she and my good friend always talk on the phone or something stupid. I'm not jealous but its gets annoying since I really don't give a crap who she talks to or what she does. -.-
Ummm yeah and you all know just today I got contacts! ^^ VERY happy bout that. I've been waiting for 2 years now.
Well anyways, I gtg now and finish painting my room.

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Date: Jan 30th, 2005 11:40:33 am - Subscribe
Mood: perfect

Well its Sunday and its my last day on my vacation in California. :'( I'm gonna miss it. I've had a hella good time and don't want to head back home.. It seems like I've been here for a year, that I never lived in my hometown.. Its weird but its how I feel.

I havent been so relaxed in years and I dont want this feeling to go away. Back home, I'm stuck with stress, drama and school. I dont wanna go back to it. My stupid everyday problems... But looks like I'm going to have to when I get on the airplane in an hour. ::sighs::

After five years, I finally got to see my cousins again. My aunt and uncle and even my grandparents too! I enjoyed every moment andthe sites here were amazing. I feel so comfortable here.. ^^

I ACTUALLY have been getting up at 6am to 7am every morning and working out. I went swimming, then drove around town to see the sites. But everything has an end and it looks like my trip is too. Well I'm going to enjoy my last hour here in San Fransico.
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Date: Jan 23rd, 2005 3:23:32 pm - Subscribe
Mood: lovesick

I haven't been so happy in forever! Yesterday Chase called me around 8pm like I told him to friday. Well we talked for a bit, but he was at his friends house and had to go, so he said he'd call me around 10pm.

Well later that night, he called me at 10 like he was supposed too. We talked about everything from, where we lived to how he was gonna sneak into my house at 2am in the cold with no shoes on and no shirt. Lol. Its sorta an inside joke. Well turns out we got some things in common and he made me laugh soo much last night..I don't think I've laughed liked that in a looong time. He is protective, sweet and above all funny. lol. Oh and last night he sang for me. XD He actually can sing very well. He has his own band, so its cool. ^^

But we talked forever and the last time I looked at the clock it was 2:30am. O.o But we kept talking and soon fell asleep together on the phone. I woke up and we kinda forgot we were on the phone and scared each other. Lol. But we said our goodnights and we went to sleep again.

He called me again this morning and we were chatting, looks like he is coming over to my house later today. We are not together, but we are gonna hang out as friends. He wants to take our relationship slow, which I can agree with since the last couple of times we both went to fast and ended up with our hearts broken. But hey, its sill cool to hang with him. XD

But last night, I had the weirdest dream about my last crush. I dreamt that he was dating the school slut and I still had feelings for him. But my friends kept telling me that he wanted to forget his crush but couldnt. Then my other friend told me that I should help him. X.x It was very very interesting. Trust me. I dunno what that dreamt met but it was freaky. I know he is over me but I can't stop thinking bout him. >.< This is pathetic. I think bout him in my dreams, but then all I think bout when I'm awake is Chase.

Damn dreams..They're getting to me.

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Date: Jan 20th, 2005 8:15:14 am - Subscribe
Mood: weary

Hey everyone,
No surprise today has sucked. As always. Yesterday my friend, Amanda, said she'd get me hooked up with one of her guy friend's friends.. Well I met Amanda as usual and we walked to where Jason (the guy I'm supposed to get hooked up with) usually hangs out.

Turns out he wasnt there yet, so I walked off to met Megan. I ended up walking around with her and Heather for a bit and the nrealized I was supposed to met Amanda later to see if he came. Well I just went straight down there and fohnd out he wasn't there..So I walked off to my class.

Amanda came into my class shortly before I did, and ran to me asking where I was..I told her I went to look for him myself, but turns out him and Sean were both with Amanda looking for me at the ROTC room. That just sucks right there.. How freaking screwed up is that?!?!

I'm not about to go in how I'm feeling right now.. Megan McKeown..the girl I blogged about earlier, well she and me are on speaking terms.. I dunno, but one day walking to the buses, we both started talking to each other. It was weird.. We didn't cuss each other out and were surpirisngly nice to each other.. We ended up talking about my stalker..But thats another story...

See there has been this guy who likes me..I know NOTHING about him..his name, grade or anything..well he knows my name and my grade and is ALWAYS walking me to EACH class and stalking me in the hallways. I ran from one hallway onto another on the other side of the school and then I turned around, and THERE HE WAS! I was freaked out.. He goes, "You didn't think you'd get away that easliy do you??" O.o I can't get rid of him and he ALWAYS asks me for a hug and if I don't hug him, he'll hug me.. I'm scared..

But anyways back on story..Megan and me were talking again this morning.. Its weird. I'm sitting right at this moment in the library, working on my essay paper, but instead of sitting by Megan, my close friend, or Amanda..I'm sitting next to Megan Mckeown. Its weird..

What is wrong with this picture?? I gotta go, the bitch AKA Ms. Larr is yelling at me for not doing my work. Damn lady.. I know she still hates me for cussing her out.
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