Date: May 7th, 2005 9:28:10 pm - Subscribe
Mood: spiffy

um.. im sorry i havent updated in forever. i've been so busy with school and with our EOC's coming..i got stressed..
well A LOT happened this past month..
1.) went to NC State for science olympiad..we did ok..but the guys were crazy on the trip.. i gotta make good friends with them and darren managed to break a table up in the textile building. x.x dont ask.
2.) realized i have feelings for darren still after soo long..but since a recent event they got stronger and now im unsure.
3.) Darren got into a car accident going 110 mph and it was a maricle him, his brother and two friends survived.. it was scary and i was worried bout him all weekend.
4.) grades are ok. got all "A's" last time..but i got a "B" in dixons b/c megan m. didnt do her part on our election process thing.
5.) had a huge fight with one of my best friends and another guy friend. i found out they lied to me bout darren's feelings or sumthing and yeah. i strongly disliked them for 2 days and was severely depressed and stuff. but i worked things out with megan.. not the guy he is still an ass as always.
uuuh i think thats all for now.. im tired and need sum sleep for once this weekend.
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