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I\'m dying...Advent Children is AWESOME

Sep 4th, 2005 4:11:36 am - Subscribe

I'm dying seriously. I can't believe what I just saw. Advent Children is completely awesome especially the fighting scenes. Really I can't wait to see it. I couldn't stop shouting and of course that brought my mom's attention. I'm all happy now and I still can't believe I'm going to see AC soon. It's somewhat like a dream. Well, I would have like to see Sephiroth but I was too happy and excited I didn't take that into consideration. After watching the parts for the movie itself, I've grown restless and impatient. I want to watch it NOW...I like how the scenes are, very stunning. The graphics are awesome unlike Shrek and Kadaj, he so so cute.

~I want to see Sephiroth~

I can't compare AC with any other CG movie or any movie like Shrek, Lords of the Rings or The Matrix. Hope Devil May Cry movie would at least be a little good as AC. This is the best Square Enix could do really. A few more weeks and it would be out hopefully.
mood: speechless
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Advent Children

Sep 1st, 2005 10:28:39 pm - Subscribe

Venice festival's over. I can imagine the amount of spoilers now since many people have already watched Advent Children. If only I had the money to go there, I wouldn't miss it. I keep asking myself if Kadaj and Yazoo really died. I really want to know but I prefer waiting till it the movie comes out. So many questions..
mood: discontent
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Aug 12th, 2005 6:09:38 am - Subscribe

I got my results for my final exams. I so happy I got a merit grin.gif I'm so so happy I did well in Chemistry happy.gif Couldn't believe the grades though tounge.gif
mood: Happy ^_^
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Long, Long day

Aug 7th, 2005 5:12:47 pm - Subscribe

I've been so sick all this days and it didn't give me time to write in the blog sad.gif At least, I feel a little better happy.gif Today was awfully boring. I don't hope tomorrow would be the same.

One thing I'm happy about, I'm done with my site tounge.gif
mood: better
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Parents day

Jul 25th, 2005 7:30:47 am - Subscribe

My parents are back from their long journey. It's so boring having them around not that I'm complaining. My dad's a music obsessed. Just imagine walking up at 7 am to here shit songs. I can't wait to start living on my own. cry.gif My mom's more boring than ever unlike before. She isn't lively like usual.
mood: well
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