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Apr 25th, 2005 10:42:18 pm - Subscribe

Nothing's happened in a while
All my clothes are out of style
Leave me alone like you've done before
I'm shutting you out and locking the door

Oh I think I've really done it now
I crossed the line, who knows how
All I need is a change of scenery
Because right now I'm running on empty

If that metaphor won't work for you
Sorry, there's nothing else I can do
I'm done appeasing the masses
It's all about me and I feel fantastic

Hey, you're so filled with hate
It's sad because I know I can relate
With your lies and misery
And heavy moral artillery

Everyone is gone and nearly dead
Well that's what the papers said
And I read it on the neon marquee
That we've been running on empty

And it's so hard to refuel
When you live your life in school
And it's only logical to sound pensive
So why is gas so damn expensive?
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Apr 25th, 2005 10:41:23 pm - Subscribe


There is something
That's on my mind
I hope you'll know it
Just in time

How the hell did it come to this
Leaving us with all your mess
Forgetting everything we've done
You can hide but you cannot run

I'm after you
I'm onto you
There's nothing left to prove

We're after you
We're onto you
So just give up your next move

I don't know where you could be
If it's true you left tonight
And you're running from me
You are gone and out of sight

Then I saw you on the TV
It said you were westward bound
So discretely and finally
You've been lost and found
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Apr 25th, 2005 10:40:46 pm - Subscribe

I'm going to give you some advice
And you can take it for what it's worth
I said you better not mess with
Our friendly neutral neighbors to the north

In Canada, there's so much we can do
They have hockey and bacon too
Frozen ponds are as common as maple trees
And they have syrup like you wouldn't believe

So come on, help a friend
Throw him in your van
You can get through customs
And make it to the promised land
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Apr 25th, 2005 10:39:31 pm - Subscribe

He was walking down the street
She walked by him and smiled
He didn't think they'd ever meet
So he watched her for awhile

And then he made up his mind
That the rest of his life would be
Untrue unless he could find
A way to make her happy

So he searched around the world
Up and down and side to side
He did it all for this one girl
Went everywhere, far and wide

So he returned to her in style
And placed his books upon the shelf
"One thing makes me smile"
She said to him "just be yourself"
mood: tenacious
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Apr 25th, 2005 10:38:54 pm - Subscribe

Calling all loud mouths and jabberjaws
Why do you do the things you do?
We know the effect, but tell us the cause
What did we ever do to you?

You're not how your parents raised you
All your morals are dead and gone
Making up lies and dodging the truth
Giving up pacts we once agreed upon

Murmur, mutter, pitter patter
Talky-talky, gibber jabber!

I think it's time you stepped outside
The bitter cold will make you realize
You've just been killing your pride
Prating about spewing out lies

Now there's no tolerable degree
Calling out your name in disgust
That's the way it will have to be
Ever since we lost your trust

Chatter, clamor, drivel, hammer
Rubbish, nonsense, gibber jabber!
Murmur, mutter, pitter patter
Talky-talky, gibber jabber!
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Apr 25th, 2005 10:37:43 pm - Subscribe

I wish that it was just you and me
And with no one else who's in between
To tell us what is right and wrong
And send us off where we belong

I don't know a thing about being nice
I guess my attitude will suffice
And when I hold you in my arms
I know you are mine and I am yours

Am I better off?
I can tell you that it's too close to call
Am I better off?
Will you ever love me at all?
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Apr 25th, 2005 10:36:25 pm - Subscribe

Take all of your records
And throw them on the floor
Then toss out your books
And empty your drawer

Tonight we're making a mess
Call all the papers
And alert the press
Cause tonight we're making a mess
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Apr 25th, 2005 10:35:56 pm - Subscribe

i want to see you
i want to be you
and see what it's like
to be so cool for a day

it's a long time to walk
and a long way to run
but a small price to pay
for a day in the sun

if i could clear my head
of everything so bitter
i'm sure i would see
it's so dark in the winter

i'll admit defeat
and say you won
what a small price to pay
for a day in the sun
mood: dejected
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Apr 25th, 2005 10:35:13 pm - Subscribe

here i am
thinking of you
because this is all
that i ever do

maybe she's thinking of me
and all the fun that we had
before she called it all off
...she's all that i had

maybe i'm thinking of you
and all the fun that we had
before you called it all off
...you're all that i had
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Apr 25th, 2005 10:34:15 pm - Subscribe

I'm thinking in prose of a story told
One that's fresh and will never get old
About a man who fell in love without
Sturdy ground so he fell back out

He spent his life watching others
So quick to assume how they were lovers
Then he began to venture out again
And he met a girl who had hit her head

By then she had lost all control
Still, she was beautiful on the whole
He could not let go this time, no way
No matter what the others had to say

He was falling in love, all doubt was gone
And he knew he had to start holding on
So he reached inside, and kept going deeper
For now he knew, this one's a keeper
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