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Apr 25th, 2005 10:42:18 pm - Subscribe

Nothing's happened in a while
All my clothes are out of style
Leave me alone like you've done before
I'm shutting you out and locking the door

Oh I think I've really done it now
I crossed the line, who knows how
All I need is a change of scenery
Because right now I'm running on empty

If that metaphor won't work for you
Sorry, there's nothing else I can do
I'm done appeasing the masses
It's all about me and I feel fantastic

Hey, you're so filled with hate
It's sad because I know I can relate
With your lies and misery
And heavy moral artillery

Everyone is gone and nearly dead
Well that's what the papers said
And I read it on the neon marquee
That we've been running on empty

And it's so hard to refuel
When you live your life in school
And it's only logical to sound pensive
So why is gas so damn expensive?
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