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Date: Jan 26th, 2007 9:06:37 am - Subscribe
Mood: frumpy and gushing.
Music | Food: "Lullaby" - Dixie Chicks | yakitori, gyoza, stir fried veggies and lemon pop.




Koichiro cancelled class. And I kinda knew he would because he told me he was going snowboarding this weekend, last weekend. So yeah. Missed him in class tonight.




*shakes head*

I got it bad.

Never thought in a million years someone would come along and replace my sakura bloom boy Koichiro but uhhhhh...yeah Hiroki.

He invited me to his workplace. LOL. It's in Namba, and he said I should swing by. Awwwww. He's so POLITE. I dunno if he's just a sweetheart or if he's just super polite like that. Maybe a bit of both.

Awwww...I LIKE him. This is not as animalistic as Koichiro and I. This is more soft and breezy and gushy. I knew I was redfaced all class teaching him. I was looking at him trying to understand why he's so gorgeous. Like guys like him make me want to curse the stratosphere. It just ain't right. And then to be nice and sweet and considerate atop of all that beautifulness?!


All I know is I'm happy I found a gym. It's about to be ON! I get insane when I start a health plan, so these extra gazillion pounds will ooze off like hamburger patty fat on a grill in a few months or so.

Loneliness is a bitch.

Especially when there's so many lovlies in this place to choose from.

I don't wanna be a 'non-choice'.

TIRED of that shit.

So yeah, class went great. Despite my retardedness.

I was such a goof. Like this gushy redfaced goof. Ugh. I don't usually lose my cool like that.

I really like him. Koichiro's more of a..I really wanna DO him. lol. But I like Hiroki though.


Just craptastic.

Okay, I'm gonna eat my gyoza and yakitori and call it a night. Oyasu.

PS. I'm listening to Dixie Chicks like they're the new crack.

PPS. I REALLY like Hiroki.

Hehehehee...see I giggle like a little girl.

Atashi no wakarimasen.


(He came in all Metro Gucci'fied with this fitted yet loose light brown leather jacket with these ill zippers and buckles all over it, and he had some dirty-dark rinse jeans on and a nice pullover black shirt underneath sans the beanies he usually rocks. If I were to be shallow for a moment and base the 'man of my dreams' package on his style alone we'd be at the Toyonaka City Hall RIGHT NOW! The man's got a gift.)

My heart is still racing.

Someone throw something at me and aim for my head.

"Or...for my heart." (c) Neferetiri from The Ten Commandments movie.
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