Minasan, Akemashite Omedeto!
Date: Jan 1st, 2007 9:28:15 am - Subscribe
Mood: grounded
Music | Food: "Hero" - Crystal Kay | gyoza, ebi tempura, cold soba, CC Lemon pop, and Japanese style beef curry! I had a huuuuge one today, hee hee.

Happy New Years everyoooone!

It's 2007, wow, how times flies.

I want one of my main resolutions this year to be this:

Having a positive spirit.

I've let negativity rule my life for too long.

It's time to let goodness reign, ii desu ne?

Man I've been going through some serious emotional ups and downs the last few days, but today, today I've decided to stop letting all of the things I can't figure out weigh me down.

Why stress about things you can't control?

I need to stress about things I CAN control instead lol.

Nonetheless, I hope everyone had a great New Years Eve!

I did nothing special at all, but it was great anyway.

Hopefully I'll be in Nara the next few days, it all depends on one simple email. And hey, if not, whatever. I have a whole year to grace this country with my presence.

How lucky are they!

So ka, that's all I have. Peace and blessings and abundance in this Year of the Boar!

Hmmm...a certain someone was born this year. I wonder if he knows that.

Anyway y'all. HEIWA!

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emogirlie - January 02nd, 2007
Happy New Year to you too! I hope you're having lots of fun in Japan. And of course, make sure to wink at the hot student. wink.gif


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