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Date: Dec 22nd, 2006 1:39:34 pm - Subscribe
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Music | Food: "Atlantis Princess" - BoA | Geez I'm in OSAKA, food is LIFE! Tonight we went to this iki niku restuarant?! Where you fry your own meat and veggies? lol. It was metcha oishii!!!

Osaka-ben is oozing into my bones. Metcha subarashii, desho?! I LOVE it. Oh my goodness, where do I begin? I've written so many things from different angles in so many other places. Ok, what I'll do is try to consolidate and post everything I've ever written about Japan on HERE. After all, this IS my Toyonaka Tales blog. And after 2 weeks of teaching on my own, I sure do have quite a few tales to tell, lemme tell you!
Ummmm...let's start wiiiiith, oh my facebook! Um...things have changed quite a bit. The feelings I was sorta kinda losing my mind over having for my bestest friend haven't quite vanished, but they're not as intense either. This may sound cold but I can be an out of sight out of mind girl very quickly if I have to. It's a survival tactic I've developed over the years, and whether it's healthy or not, it works. So desu, ne.

Ok sooo ummmm, the one thing that is undisputedly the most prominent thought on my mind is this BEPPIN GAKUSEI named Koichiro. *swoooooooooooooon* "Teachers are NOT to have romantic relations with students." Article 18, 26 and I believe in the commentary section of the Teacher's manual as well. Well, damn, sorry people. I MAY have to break that rule. Oh if I can get a picture of him one day (and I will) you all will see why that rule was MEANT to be broken.

There is this insane, out of this world, I'm going to lose my job magnetism between Koichiro and I. Can't explain it. I just foresee something very very dramatic happening in the near future, hopefully. Something straight out of a movie. Because quite honestly, when I'm around him that's how it feels. I can hear the soundtrack of Bird York, Sarah Maclachlan and Enya in the background whenever he's in the same room or classroom with me. lol. It sounds CRAZY, I know. But...I wish I could explain!!! It's just this INTENSITY. I don't really think I've had this before. I'm not sure if it's just raw, carnal lust, or something more sincere, yet without a doubt superlatively compelling.

Ahhh...have you ever been around someone you just want to kiss? And I mean like literally kiss their face off? I think if he and I weren't around other people, the chances of that taking place would increase about 600%. The bad thing about it is, the likelihood of it happening is extremely low since there's little to no privacy in my school. Which is good as well, it'll help me keep my damn job.

Ok, so I blabbed on enough about him.

There's much more to say but it's 4:40am over here and that's more than overtime for me. It's the Emperor's b-day today so everyone has the day off! Yay! I can't wait to sleep in and get some well needed rest. And finally pack my things away too.

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emogirlie - December 22nd, 2006
"I can hear the soundtrack of Bird York, Sarah Maclachlan and Enya in the background whenever he's in the same room or classroom with me."

HAHA! That's fabulous! Sounds steamy. I've always fantasized about ...well you know... with a teacher... but never the other way around. Hmm. Sounds fun. tounge.gif Just make sure you don't get in trouble and lose your job. :$


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