And the universe has conspired again...!
Date: Jan 24th, 2007 9:23:11 am - Subscribe
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Sooo on Friday. My last class of the day is something called Straight to the Point...and it's an intermediate class. I don't usually teach this class but a teacher is sick and we're all helping out and I was asked by Kumi-sensei to do it. Actually Manager asked me. But whatever.

Here's the conspiracy:


ALONE. With ME. In MY classroom.

What kinda craziness is that?!

My two crushes are going to be my direct pupils. I mean in theory they already are and have been...but now, like in my face like that. Wow, can I do this lesson with a straight face sans the googly eyes? How will I know if Koichiro's pronunciation and intonation are on point if I keep staring at his lush lips? Will I ever know Hiroki's grammar level if I keep analyzing all the different ways his body parts move like water?


I don't know if I can take all the FINENESS that will be overflowing in that room.

I better leave the door cracked.



heheheeheheee. I can't help bu giggle like a psycho ward patient though. My two lovelies in my class. A whole hour of eye cavities.


Maybe I'll wear the skirt with the SLIT that day. Mwahahahaha.

Not to mention I had a hellish last two days. Workshops and overloads of classes and all that shyte. This teacher decided to be sick and since my school can't afford a lot of ET's, this chicka is stuck with extra classes she was NOT planning to have. Oh well. Overtime pay! And I want my damn yen too. They better not front me on some technicality shit or I'll flash my contract papers in their faces. Take THAT Mr. Aki!

Btw, did I mention our CEO's daughter Angela Aki is like the SHIT in Japan right now? She's like Japan's Lisa Loeb/Tori Amos/Jewel/and a dash of Bjork. Sheer dopeness. I'll find a linka.

Riiiiiight HERE.

She looks a lil like her dad, tell you the troof. I'm gonna meet that man one day.

So yeah, today was the day from hell. Interview workshops for 3 hrs, then densha it back to the school for 4 classes back to back. Geeeez.

I guess there is some sort of karamaic force on my side. Yet it could be a snide reply to my mixed affections regarding these two beautiful men. Well Koichiro's an almost man. lol. Hiroki...all man. Whoooo, he and I are gonna talk about cloooooooothes! With his Gucci wearing and working self. Ho-ller.

Ok I'm out. I need rest.


Or rather, night.



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