Morning has broken
Date: Jul 8th, 2008 8:40:19 am - Subscribe
Mood: Fine now, but was pissed this morning

So last week I woke up early so I could start at work at 7. I was at the time riding along with ma father. He then told me that he wasn't starting at work until 8, and that I had to wait. This made me a bit irritated of course. So I started taking the bus until yesterday, as you know.
I got used to the though of starting at 8 again at work, since I had to ride along with daddy again. I therefore set the alarm.
I woke up at 6.30 this morning to get myself reasy and all. All the suddenly ma dad knocks at the door and ask me if I was awake.
I asked him why he asked me about that all the suddenly and he answer that we're starting early today, at 7...
I felt I started to get stressed.
"Why haven't you told me before?" I asked irritated.

Guess what he answered...
"I just assumed your mum told you last night"

Assumed? He can't just assume!

So all the suddenly I had 15 minutes to get dressed and to eat and all of that! Stress!
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