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its official

Oct 20th, 2009 9:17:18 am - Subscribe

I have the craziest dreams. Last night's dream started with me in some sort of a classroom. It was a Fiction writing class or something. I don't know how but I ended up in a car with some of the popular people. Well.. At least this really popular cute boy. His gf was in the other car. We were all driving around and somehow the third car full of kids crashed and died. I have no idea how but we were responsible for it; my car and the second one... so we took off. Maybe we didn't like the 3rd car and they chased us and crashed.. Idk. Anyway we split up when we got out.. The cops didn't find me and the cute boy. Idk bout the other.. the popular crowd didn't like me at all so I don't know why I was with them.. Probably some dare they had with each other. Anyway things were really weird at school. We had to keep it on the down-low and stuff.... next thing I know.. The cute boy broke down in class and just... left.. I knew he was tripping so I followed him. Weirded out the class because I was the outcast... but anyway him and I started dating... we fell sooo in love, it was insane. I just remember laying on the sports field with him... he was looking into my eyes... it felt so good being with him. No sex you pervs! Then we decided to go somewhere so we got in the car. He popped the hood and got the extra set of keys from the engine. I don't know why.. I had the other set of keys and was driving... next thing I knew, we were fleeing from the cops. We knew they were on to us.. Somehow we ended up in Florida. Palmetto park road to be exact. We were trying to get to a gas station but the road was blocked and the only way was on the highway.. So we went back the way we came, against traffic.. Lol. We had a flat tire or something. The next part got skipped and I remember he turned himself in to protect me. He gave me keys to some mansion and told me to run and that we'd be together again soon enough. When I was there.. I took a hot shower.. And there was a kitty there on the floor meowing at me... it was kazuku's cat... and I knew this.. This is where my dream shifted into a different one. Soon after I tried to get a plane from fort lauderdale to boca or something. Then it turned into me and Eric driving around florida.. Then it jumped to me being home with my fam for 3 months... and asking for a job at petsupermarket... then Mandi woke me up. She wanted water and was barking at me. LOL. wtf amirite?
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mm olive garden

Jul 23rd, 2009 5:15:50 pm - Subscribe

Today's Marlene's birthday and we are celebrating at Olive Garden with 14 people! Sunday is Bearzuku's birthday and I have no idea what to do for him!

I need ideas for Machinimas! Go go!
mood: hysterical
music: "drunk" people singing LOL
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what a week

Jul 16th, 2009 7:59:28 pm - Subscribe

This week has been pure chaos. A family member passed away last sunday. It was really sad and unexpected. I signed up for 6 classes for fall semester. Ugh.

I finished leveling my druid this week and am working on getting him geared. I'm really relieved the level grind is out of the way. Now I have time to work on my new video. I also downloaded a new machinema tool. I'm excited to see what it can do.

At On A Roll for our weekly happy hour trip. This time there's nine of us. I always forget my camera! I'm out for now guys, see ya later.
mood: cosmic
music: Eminem & Dr. Dre - Forgot About Dre
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