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This is annoying! Just too annoying.

I don't like it when people joke about having feelings for me or liking me. Of course, I have lots of guy friends and this joke-about-how-I-like-you kind of stuff is part of their, mind I say, character? Only, my friends knew I don't like it, and if they want to have fun with that, they can look for other girls to flirt around, but me? Never.

Very few people admitted that they have feelings for me, so the word remains unabused in my vocabulary. Whenever I hear it, I know the person who said it really meant the words. Reason why I HATE it when someone jokingly proclaims that he likes me, or that I'm beautiful, or that I'm a total knock-out type for him because he loves women who plays the violin or the piano.

And what's worse? He's older than I am. He even said he's old enough to be my father. Why can't he just drop the jokes? It isn't funny at all. He's abusing the words, tainting it with all his maliciousness. I don't like it.

Boys. Is it really that amusing to play with women's feelings? There isn't justice at all, I've never joked like this my entire life! When I say, I like you, I mean it! THIS ISN'T FAIR!!

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