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lana Sleepy - Subscribe
I'm soooos sleepy! cry.gif
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lana Weekend May 10th, 2005 8:48:26 pm - Subscribe
Friday I went to See kingdom of Heaven with my brother and four of his friends. It was really fun. My parents are seriously overprotective so it's not like I get to do stuff like that all the time.. and if they had known i was going to be there with five guys they probably would have locked me in my room but lucky me they never really figured out. We snuck in cause we weren't seventeen. (who cares!) well... we really didn't sneek in because we just walked up and gave the lady our tickets. ( she so knew we weren't seventeen but se was really nice) Thanks lady! wink.gif The movie was pretty good. I didn't relly notice to much other than Orlando Bloom so i can't give details. Sorry Moncey I really did see him first tounge.gif

Then we went in Barns and Nobles and I got coffe from the starbucks on the top floor... and then I cryed.( Cofffe is evil!!! sad.gif) Coffe makes me depressed. I haven't figured ou why yet! Were all goin back to the Grove next week to go see Starwars. yay! G2G I wanna take a shower.

Love ya'
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lana Happy B-day Sara!!!!!!!! May 14th, 2005 12:51:48 pm - Subscribe
So this is kinda late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARA!!!!!!!!! Everyone who visits this site should go leave her a birthday comment!!!! at

love ya' Sara!
love ya' emobloggers!
love ya' Hayden! (sooo sexy!)
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lana I love God! May 25th, 2005 7:30:23 pm - Subscribe
I am so sick of people thinking that just because i don't sceam at them that their going to hell if they don't join my religion, and because i don't really judge them for what they do around me that it's okay for them to try to get me to do stuff thats against what i stand for!!!!!!!! for heavens sakes go smoke if you want but don't ever get me confused with a person who will just sit around and let you try to break my religion!!! If you don't share my religion and you don't want to then fine but if you are going to try and convince me that i shouldn't either than we don't need to be friends!!!!! NOTHING IS COMING BETWEEN ME AND GOD! GOD WILL ALWAYS BE MY FIRST LOVE AND ANYONE ELSE HAS TO COME SECOND! SORRY IF THAT HURTS YOUR FEELINGS!!!

love God,
love ya'
still love Hayden,
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