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lana french - Subscribe
hay i'm in french and we're watchin gthe man in the iron mask so I have to go but.........

I love ya'
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lana Final Fantasy Apr 15th, 2005 10:52:19 pm - Subscribe
So my brothers got me stuck on these final fantasy games years ago and over time I've soooo slowly but definately surely been turning into a video game freak! sad.gif SOOO sad I know but How can I help but become one! My brothers have been playing them since they could hold a controler! I can't belive I even remember A "nintendo intertainment center". Now I am so hooked I'm probably going to be the one who gets these boys the PSP!!!!!! *sigh* There was a time when I would have sworn that my money would never reach the pockets of some geek game maker... now just look at me!

But anyway to the point of this sad blog, I think I may have finally gone comepletely insane and fallin in love with a freakin game character! The strange part is I didn't like him until I saw him in Kindom Hearts! Seperoth! Can you love someone who doesn't exist!? I knew those games were going to drive me to insanity! Did you know theres a freakin GAME CHANNEL! and i'm watching this stupid thing right now! but since i'm hook .. I gotta make my brothers get metal gear solid snake eater . How long has that been out!?

I think this is the longest blog Ive ever written! happy.gif and I'm sick right now!!!! I can't breath through my nose! sad.gif cry.gif

I'm gonna go check out some flipphones!

love ya'

P.S. this whole blog is so random! Robert would love it!
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lana Half Life... and stuff Apr 21st, 2005 7:14:31 pm - Subscribe
Does any one know Half Life is a good game? ( since you all seem so into gameshappy.gif) But anyway I'm so depressed and nothings really helping right now. Even cookies! cry.gif so... I missed small ville last night. which made me sad but at least the reason I missed it is because I was at my little brother's school play. I'm so proud of him! happy.gif I'm still kinda sick so I'm going to stop typing soon. Plus I have to go practice my lines for English.

love ya'

Oh! and thanks for all the comments!
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lana Thursday Apr 28th, 2005 11:14:36 pm - Subscribe
Great news! I'm Officialy not sick anymore! Yay me! So I just got back from poetry night at my school. It was actually a lot nicer than I thought it would be. But now I'm sleepy.( that sorta has nothing to do with poetry night what!)

"Est-ce que tu parles francais?" Sara, and the answer is, "Qui, Je parle francais tres bein, mais, je n'ecris pas bein.

I had another strange dream. It was about a music box.. at least part of it was another part of it was about beauty and the beast( don't ask me how those things got smooshed into my dream but they did) I don't blog enough anymore I feel like a traitor.

Nothing really happened to day in scool. It was 80's day and Sara danced to Michael Jackson. I sat next to a guy I just recently realized that I liked( a lot), and listened to him talk about who he's taking to prom and what he'll wear. It's not his fault of course because he doesn't know i like him, and he's so sweet that if he did know he wouldn't talk about prom at all, but still. I wanna go see Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy tonight but my dad wants to take me and my brothers tomorrow. Plus it's not like he would let me out of the house this late (overprotective monster!) But I love him, cause he's my dad. happy.gif I wander if my neigbor's on line. gotta go see.

love ya'

p.s. hugs and kisses forever and ever and if your depressed I care. so tell mehappy.gif
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