Date: Aug 4th, 2005 5:08:48 pm - Subscribe
Mood: exuberant

La la la la laaaaa,... la la la la ( luuuu) la!
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mystrytour - August 21st, 2005
I would have left you a comment, but this doesn't make ANY sense! And your new background music frightens me. It sounds like a weird version of "My Generation".

When my cousin was visiting for a week, I would check this page every one in a while...she and my mom would be doing whatever in the next room and they would hear your old music playing and both say "Oh, I guess Sara's on Aeonity Blog" and roll their eyes and was amusing though. happy.gif

That StarlightMKS lady is a trip! Do you know her? I checked out her site and am using one of her cursors on MySpace.

Okay. This is seriously too long now. Thank you so freakin' much for the AP stuff...I can't believe we're actually having a class together. I also can't believe that we're gonna be able to boss the little sixthies around. (Like I would anyway!) But it means we're gonna get lectured on all that A-G stuff, and I can't stand it when they do that. Ugh. Blech.

Now how's that for a comment! tounge.gif

lana - August 21st, 2005

anonymous - August 23rd, 2005
OMG! I love it. "Say My Name" perfect...SO perfect...good times. happy.gif

lana - August 24th, 2005
ya got it! Hooooray!!!


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