evil clowns and evil teachers
Date: Apr 12th, 2005 10:48:51 pm - Subscribe
Mood: magical

My first blog! This is a huge occasion! This should be ..like... national Lana blog day! My friends have been trying to get me to get a "blog page" for the longest... actually now that I have one WHAT DO I WRITE? Well I guess I'll just write about my day. Caution: it's not very interesting, unless you are like dying of boredom and just don't care, or unless you're like in Love-at-first-read and you want to know all about me.

SO................MY DAY SO FAR........
today i woke up (from the most desturbing dream about an evil clown who ruled egypt and wanted take over the country i was rulling. the up side was this deleriously cute guy had to come save me, but my fear of clowns outweighs thatvery lovely detail.) then i went to school..and cryed about the fail i have in history... then asked the teacher why, and realized I misssed some work when i was absent and I never made it up... then screamed at the teacher made a really nice " scew my highschool painting in art and left for the day. I've been home doing nothing for a while. Now I'm on the computer spilling my heart to a bunch of people I don't know......

love ya'

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yellomoose - April 12th, 2005
Clowns are of Satan! At least! And so are dreams that involve egypt ruled by clowns. Wool I hope the whole History thing works out. Heck, I'm not doin all that great either, I have a C. But w/e. Wool welcome to emoblog, hope ya stick around and not do a blog and a half and are never heard again.


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