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yellomoose Every Three Seconds - Subscribe
June 13, 2008 - Friday

Every three seconds a child dies from poverty.

And I wanted to spend $600 on a sub for my car?

you selfish jerk

No way. I Couldn't.

Wait. Does this mean that being irresponsible with the hard earned money could be wrong? Could it be wrong for this money, which I myself worked for, to be spent on frivolous, tasteless objects?

As these useless, physical objects turn to dust in my eyes, I realize that the question is not "Is it wrong to spend money on temporary, materialistic objects?"


"Do I really want to?"

In the US, Americans create a selfish fantasy where we are the only ones that exist. There are no third world countries, no world hunger, no poverty. Only Americans and our money. When we make money, we expect to be able to spend it on whatever we want.
Subs, spoilers, and rims
Expensive brands of make up. And for what? To cover up a few blemishes to come closer to what society views as "perfection?" Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. It saddens me to see women (and some men) invest so much money into perfecting their outer shell, while their core remains untouched.
Brand name clothing.
$4 cups of coffee.

Every three seconds a child dies from poverty. Yeah, it's not fun to think about. My first reflex after hearing this is to push it away, returning my mind to the American fantasy I live in, where I only see here and now. The things I have, the things I want. This fantasy was shattered when I went on a missions trip to Nicaragua. Visiting a third world country made the vast poverty I had heard about real. Yeah, I knew that there were poor people and stuff. But I didn't understand what poverty was until I stepped off that airplane two years ago.

"I undertook great projects: I built houses for myself and planted vineyards. I made gardens and parks and planted all kinds of fruit trees in them. I made reservoirs to water groves of flourishing trees. I bought male and female slaves and had other slaves who were born in my house. I also owned more herds and flocks than anyonein Jerusalem before me. I amassed silver and gold for myself, and the treasure of kings and provinces. I acquired men and women singers, and harem as well—the delights of the heart of man. I became greater by far than anyone in Jerusalem before me. In all this my wisdom stayed with me. I denied myself nothings my eyes desired; I refused my heart no pleasure. My heart took delight in all my work, and this was the reward for all my labor. Yet when I surveyed all that my hands had done and what I had toiled to achieve, everything was a meaningless, a chasing after the wind; nothing was gained under the sun."

"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress"

If you ever get a chance to go on a missions trip, go for it. Even if it's just mexico. And don't do it because everyone says it will be fun. Living in poverty isn't really what I would call fun, but it was so overwhelming to see the world how it really is.
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yellomoose This is why I'm a Biology major Feb 1st, 2009 10:50:12 pm - Subscribe
December 6, 2007 - Thursday

The question presented to me was "Does AIDS affect Vampires?"

After further research on AIDS an the immune system, I have found the answer. AIDS is a virus that attacks CD4+ cells, which are surface proteins, commonly referred to as "T Helper cells." The purpose of these cells is to recognize foreign pathogens (bacteria or viruses that cause infections) and trigger a group of cells known as "B cells." B cells are the cells that produce the antibodies (white blood cells) that attack the infection. Each white blood cell is made to destroy a specific pathogen, so you can't just send any white blood cell to fight off any pathogen.

In essence, T cells go out and do reconnaissance, bring back the information of the enemy pathogens to the B cells, and the B cells send out an air strike of white blood cells with specific ammunition to destroy the specific bacterial infection. This is why your white blood cell count is high when you're sick.

Aids, however, attacks the T cells (reconnaissance group), so they never make it back to the B cells, so the B cells don't know what to make to fight off the infection. Thus, a person with aids gets a bacterial or viral infection and has no way to fight it, and they die from the flu.

I haven't really looked into vampires much, since I'm not a freak like Michael. But here's my knowledge as far as vampires go: since vampires are already "dead," they don't have a pulse, blood flow, etc. Because of this, they don't have active T cells, B cells, or white or red blood cells. Bacteria still feed off of dead creatures, which is why we decay. However, I've never heard of a sick or decaying vampire, so we now come to the conclusion that vampires are not affected by any virus or bacteria, nor do they have any immune system. This, obviously, is not possible, which hopefully brings us to the realization that VAMPIRES AREN'T REAL, SO IT DOESN'T MATTER.

Case closed.
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yellomoose Apple vs. Microsoft Feb 1st, 2009 10:48:55 pm - Subscribe
December 2, 2007 - Sunday

My Testimony

So before you read this and think WHAT KIND OF A FREAK IS THIS GUY, realize that everything in this blog is blown completely out of proportion, and that the only sentences that are not widely exaggerated is the first two in the following paragraph. If you're not entertained by my ridiculous story, skip to the end and I'll talk about my iPod touch I recently ordered (which is not exaggerated. Lol).

Recently I switched religions. I've decided that Apple is superior to Microsoft. I don't know exactly how to say it, other than Apple slowly crept into my life like a cancer, silently infecting my perception, swiftly invading my mind, and, with roaring battle drums and blazing war horns, made a triumphant assault on the deep fortress of my soul.

I grew up around PCs. For the first 16 years of my life, I didn't even know what a Mac was. Life seemed good, and Microsoft defined what I thought of as a computer.

Twenty three months ago, on a cursed Christmas morning, I was overjoyed to find an MP3 player waiting for me under the tree. Little did I know that this innocent gadget, having no association with Macs or Apple, would be my first step to destruction.

My MP3 player, known as Zen Sleek (quite an advanced, intellectual sounding name), became my best friend. We went on walks together, had picnics with each other, and once even went on a 300 mile road trip. From the minute I laid eyes on it, I was sure that our relationship would last forever, and that we would grow old together. I knew it would always make me happy. And it did. For about three weeks.

Little did I know that this devious trinket had led me to dependency. MP3 had become my addiction. I had lost the ability to use CDs, CD players, and radios. Even walkmans had lost their appeal. Three weeks after the Christmas morning that seemed so glorious, calamity hit my world like soldiers hit the shores of Normandy on D-day. I remember the day like it was yesterday. It was a beautiful January evening. The fire was blazing, and my love and I were nestled beneath a warm blanket, listening to our favorite mix of serene music. Suddenly, the music stopped. I pressed the play button, and nothing happened. Frantically, I looked at the screen. It was frozen! Though I pushed the buttons frantically, nothing happened. I got a pin, and pressed the reset button. My precious Zen restarted, and began playing as usual. Unfortunately, it froze again and again, after only a few minutes of playing. Horrified, I tried to find a receipt to get an exchange from the store. However, since I had gotten dear Zen for Christmas, there was no receipt to be found. Soon, death crept over her beautiful face, and her life was lost.

I was lost in life. I had no idea what to fall back on. Radios, CDs, and even my walkman, who had accompanied me for years, had all lost its functions, and had become completely foreign to me. Quitting my MP3 addiction was not possible. I had no choice. I had to purchase another MP3 player.

I went out and looked around at the different MP3 players. I looked at many – all of them looked worthless. I didn't want to get another MP3 player only to have in break my heart yet again. Then, I met the 30 gig iPod video. When our eyes met, I knew it was love. I purchased it, even though I knew it was an apple product. To make a long story short, not only did it replace my song player, it gave me a new addiction: Video. I could now play videos on my iPod as well as store pictures of very large women to gross out my fellow classmates (which gave me such joy!). It fulfilled my expectations, and not once did it have a glitch in the year and a half that I owned it.

Obviously, the greatest benefit of having a job that pays well is the ability to spend money like the government. So, I decided to upgrade my iPod. 30 gigs of music way more than enough, because I buy all my music. My videos and photos don't take up that much space, so needing more memory was not a problem. I began to look into other iPods, when I saw the iPod touch, which is what I currently own.

iPod Touch

Pros (features)

The main difference between the Touch and the other iPods is that it comes with a touch screen. Rather than using the classic click wheel, you simply touch whichever option you want. To switch to the next picture in a slide show, simply flick it to the right or left. Zoom in on a picture by pinching your fingers together, touching the screen, and moving your fingers apart. The Touch screen is also roughly twice the size of the other iPods, which enables it to play widescreen videos. Totally awesome.

Ambient Light Sensor. This means that it detects the amount of light from the room you're in and adjusts the brightness of the screen. Thus, if you're watching a video in a dark room, the brightness will be toned down to save battery and not hurt your eyes. If this is not your preference, this feature can be disabled. It comes in quite handy.

Accelerometer. In essence, turn the screen 90 or 180 degrees, and the Touch adjusts itself so that the picture/display/webpage/etc is automatically upright. It pretty much blew my mind when I saw it.

Safari. If the Touch is near a wireless network, it has the ability to log on to the internet. Since my house already has a wireless router for my laptop, I can use that to connect to the internet whenever I am within 300 feet of my house. When I am at Simpson, I use the colleges router. Most of my friends have routers at their houses, so I can connect to the internet when I am there. Pretty much wherever there is a router without a password, I can connect and surf Safari. Also, there is no monthly charge for this feature. This makes checking my email from professors much more accessible, as well as checking my MySpace/facebook, etc. Because the Touch has access to the internet, I can buy songs online and wirelessly download them to my Touch. When I hook up the Touch to my laptop, these songs will automatically be copied to my library. It's accurate to say that I'm now on Safari just as much as Firefox, and that Internet Explorer has become obsolete.

Price: 8 gigs for $300 or 16 gigs for $400. After looking into it and reading some reviews, I was shocked by the price. With the beautiful touch screen, internet access I expected it to be at least $500. For many pirates, 16 gigs isn't enough to hold all their stolen booty. This is one huge reason people aren't as attracted to the Touch. I personally got the 8g. Yes, the 16g holds TWICE as much memory. But looking at it logically, its only another 8g. 8g isn't worth a hundred bucks to me. Also, it's unlikely that I'll ever need more than 8g because I delete songs when I get bored of them. Call me crazy, but logically it makes sense to clean out my iPod of stuff I'll never listen to anyways.


No buttons. This for the most part is great, but there is one problem. I can't skip to the next song by feel. Unlike with my 30gig, If I am driving in my car listening to my iPod, I have to glance down to look at the screen to find the skip button. This makes me nervous, and since I am finicky about driving hazards, I decided to simply choose a playlist or genre to listen to when I first start my car, and refrain changing songs after that. As far as not being able to adjust the iPod by feel when its in my pocket and I'm walking around campus or at the mall? I just love how easily the Touch catches peoples eyes and makes them drool all over themselves like a fat kid on thanksgiving. It's also easily mistaken for the iPhone grin.gif

On screen keyboard. Since the touch pad is only three and a half inches wide, that's the widest they could make the keypad. Typing actually isn't as difficult as I thought it was going to be. With a bit of patience and a lot of practice, I was able to type almost flawlessly. I'm obviously not as fast as I am on a regular keyboard, but that's expected. Let's just say I wouldn't want to type up a paper using my Touch.

Differences between iPhone and iPod Touch:

iPhone is either 4g or 8g, compared to 8g or 16g
iPhone is $100 more
iPhone has completely unlimited internet access, and does not require a router
iPhone, like any phone, has a monthly bill, but…
iPhone makes calls, and can text if you way a little extra per month. Texting uses the onscreen keyboard, rather than T9 that comes standard with most phones (I would prefer the keypad personally)
iPhone, like any phone, requires that you sign up for a two year agreement (AT&T)
The Touch has a few basic gadgets, such as a World Clock, YouTube channel, calendar/planner, list of contacts, world clock, and calculator.
iPhone comes with all of the above, as well as a few internet related programs, such as a personal email program, weather, mapping, stock checking, etc.

Except for the reduced space, the iPhone is by far a better, more advanced product. The only reason I bought the touch instead of the iPhone is that I still live at home, and I think my parents forgot that they pay for my Sprint cell phone bill. So pretty much I'm hoping that lasts a couple more years, then they finally make me start paying for it, I'll prolly get an iPhone. If you can't afford an iPhone, or your parents pay for your cell phone bills still, I'd say the Touch is the way to go.

So back to my story. Sure Microsoft developed the Xbox 360, and it's great. But from my experience, Microsoft products are really glitchy (ie: my laptop and all desktop computers, along with many programs we bought with them, Vista, my 360, etc.). I haven't used many macs very much, but I have noticed they seem to be a bit nicer looking. Considering that pretty much all my friends are pro-mac, I'm sure it won't be hard to get familiar with one before I decide the epic question of whether macs or PCs are better.

yellomoose Young Whippersnappers! Feb 1st, 2009 10:43:06 pm - Subscribe
November 10, 2007 - Saturday

So I realized today that for the most part, I don't update my blog to let people know what's going on in my life. I usually just go off on random rants.

This is one of those rants.

Also, I would like to note that I don't exclude myself from the following paragraphs. However, I find it difficult to point out faults of a group of people when I am in the group, so I have decided to pretend that I am twenty three years old living in my own apartment.

You kids (people living at their parents' houses) are the most selfish people on the planet! First off, you expect things on your birthdays. What are you thinking? "Hey mom and dad! I've been eating your food, using your electricity and water, and sucking off of your recourses for another year! Looks like it's time to throw me a party so I can have all this attention and you can give me even MORE stuff!" Logically it would make sense if your parents made your birthday "slave day" where you had to do whatever THEY wanted for once! Lucky for you, that would be a cultural sin, so they don't. Where's Newton's third law in all of this?! (Biology nerd face) B^o

Secondly, you complain when you have to do chores. The LEAST you could do is mow the lawn or wash a few dishes once in a while! What, is your week too busy between your pathetic minimum wage job at taco bell and writing papers for school? Do you know how long and hard your parents work every day not just so they can eat, but so YOU can eat too?!

And it doesn't stop there! As if keeping you warm, fed, and loved isn't enough, you want free money on top of that! Some call it an "allowance." What does that word even mean? Here's "allowance" into my bank account? Others call it "lunch money." "Yeah mom and dad, we have perfectly good food at home that I can take to school if I want, but rather than eating the food you already paid for, I'd rather go take some more of your money and buy MORE food!" Heck, maybe that's why America has a serious weight problem!

In the beginning, your parents wiped your mentally deficient butt every single day because you lacked the basic intelligence of a gnat that said "DON'T DOO-DOO IN MY DIAPER"! Your parents fed you milk from a bottle for years because your weak, useless body didn't even come with teeth right away! And they still pay for your food! Think about it. Your parents pretty much give you a 24 hour self service buffet at your fingertips. Not only that, but they probably cook the food for you half the time! They drove you to school for at least a decade, so that YOU can get a good education and YOU can make a decent living when you get older! You think they'll ever get much out of that? You think they expect you to take care of them when they're old? I doubt it, how much do your parents give to your grandparents? That's right, NONE! Because they're too busy working for you! When you were younger, how many times did your parents nurse you back to health when you were sick? How many of your parents pay for your gas? How many pay for your insurance? How many of you got a dang CAR out of your parents?! How often does your family go out to eat? How often do you pay for those meals? How often do you thank them? Eating out isn't cheap!

Studies show that the average kid can cost well over a quarter million dollars. How important does your minimum wage job seem now? This quarter million dollars is only the necessities. This does include cell phone bills, acne medication, snowboarding equipment, gas, car insurance, private school tuition, or college! I could go on for weeks, but people would stop reading, so I'll get to the point.

(exits 23 year old mentality)

We expect so much from our parents, but have so little to offer. I don't know about the rest of you, but I took my parents for granted for the first 18 years of my life, and probably still do on occasion. It just fascinates me, after having the burst of insight that prodded me to write this, how much I see teenagers disrespect their parents. It's the essence of immaturity and selfishness. Sure, you don't agree with all their rules, and sure, they make judgments that aren't fair, but at the same time, it wasn't good judgment on your part to stay up late on MySpace or whatever the night before a history test. Look at it this way: if you calculate the number of times they do something good for you, and the number of times they treat you unfairly, you're still miles ahead.

So I guess what I'm saying is be thankful for what your parents do for you, and try your best not to take them for granted. I hate how cliché that sounds, but I don't know how else to say it. I'm learning to do this, and it amazes me how much I thought I expect from them just out of reflex. My family went to Olive Garden the other day, and my parents paid for me without even thinkin about it. I pretty much just expected it from them, which is weird for me to think about because there's really no reason why I deserve it. The fact that I expected them to buy me dinner impacted me a lot when I really thought about it. I dunno. It's weird.

Haha sometimes I wish our culture had some speck of intelligence or logic. I'm sure a blog about how odd our culture is will soon follow this one.
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yellomoose Not the typical stupid people rant... Feb 1st, 2009 10:42:06 pm - Subscribe
October 7, 2007 - Sunday

... not that I went on those types of rants often anyway. I'm not sure why I'm even blogging this. It's not really that important, I just am... perplexed. Almost like when you get those really complex math or chemistry problems that you just don't get. I'm starting to have less and less patience for people who have different political opinions than I do. I don't mean to seem rude, but they tend to strike me as kinda dumb. Certain issues bother me more than others... people who want free healthcare and gun control frustrate me the most. It's like they look at a very small part of the picture and ignore the rest. They don't use logic, which makes arguing with them pretty pointless. I don't mean to seem offensive, but they remind me of a few of my friends whos heads got screwed up by drugs and have difficulty thinking intelligently. It's quite sad.
Apart from that, I'd like to say that college is the greatest thing ever, and if I would have known it was this good, I would have wanted out of highschool so much more, which I didn't think was possible lol. Simpson semesters are pretty short.... only 12 weeks in fact. And yes, that does mean that we are only going to school 6 months out of the year. We get a month off for Cmas, a couple weeks for Spring Break, and 4 or 5 months for summer. Tomorrow is Columbus day. Not only do I get tomorrow off, but I got friday off too! I guess the discovery of the western hemisphere is worth a four day weekend eh? Woohoo! And I'm not missin the drama or gossip that somehow got lost in between highschool and college! Lovin life right now.

yellomoose Why facebook is better than myspace Feb 1st, 2009 10:41:01 pm - Subscribe
August 18, 2007 - Saturday

In a few days I went from checkin my MySpace like 4 times a day to once, maybe twice a week. I've discovered facebook, another online community for college students, teenagers, adults, etc. People seem to be at eachothers throats over which one is better, so I figured I'd do a blog and give a purely biased opinion. lol. Not really, I'll give pros and cons to both.

Myspace: it's an online community to talk to friends and meet new people (no matter how lame meeting people over myspace is). Unfortunately, what I realized a week ago is that it's very simple. Boiled down, myspace is a place where you can send out messages with different privacy settings on them. If you want a specific person to read something privately, send a message. If you want to post something that all your friends can see, post a bulletin. If you want to post something anyone can see, post a blog or put it on your profile (as long as your profile isn't private, then the only difference between a bulletin and a blog is that blogs don't expire). If you want to post something that a person and all his friends can see, post it as a comment. The only difference between each post is the privacy setting, or who else has access to it. This fact is the main thing that turned me off to myspace.

Facebook: Like myspace, it is an online community for people to meet and talk. Since facebook is more complicated than myspace, when I first got my facebook, I found it rather tedious to get around and figure out how to do certain things and use different applications. Although facebook is more complicated, I think this makes it better. Rather than simply being able to send messages with different privacy settings, you can choose from thousands of different applications to put on your page. You can use the "X me" application to virtually do whatever you want to your friends (ie: poke, hug, maim, run over, throw sheep at, beat to death, etc). While this at first my seem juvenile, it can get pretty hilarious if you get creative. You can also tag photos of other people, send people fortune cookies, draw grafitti on other people's pages, display a virtual CD rack, and use hundreds of other applications.

Unfortunately, there are a few things that I miss from myspace. For one, facebook doesn't let you decorate your page with a background, so all the pages look somewhat similar. The only difference between the pages are the photos uploaded and the applications selected. Also, I haven't found a place to blog, although I'm sure they probably have an application for it somewhere. They also don't have a display name, although I guess the status updates make up for that partially.

All in all, my personal opinion is that facebook is much better than myspace. Facebook took a bit to get used to, but I'm glad I did. It makes wasting my time much more enjoyable : )

yellomoose Hacked!!! Feb 1st, 2009 10:39:45 pm - Subscribe
July 9, 2007 - Monday


This time by Andrew!

Muah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah!!!!! (Evil Laugh)
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yellomoose Jamaica... Feb 1st, 2009 10:35:17 pm - Subscribe
June 30, 2007 - Saturday

Jamaica… it was pretty expensive. I didn't really feel good about going into the office and dropping $900 (the amount required after fundraising) to go on a one week trip. Something inside me told me it was a bad idea. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed Jamaica quite a bit, but… I don't know, $900 is a lot of money to blow in one week. It almost seems irresponsible to do something like that. Yeah, I made a lot of memories, but I don't need to go to a foreign country to make memories like that, and I could really use that $900 right now. Heck, with my car, that's like five months of gas! Sure, it was the last time I'll see my class for a long time, but (I'm sure I'm going to piss off a lot of people by saying this) I don't really care. Almost all my friends had left RCHS and were going to Foothill or doing College Connection, so I was really only close to a few people in my class.

Also, my idea of a great time isn't going on a tropical island vacation. I'm perfectly content to stay in the US. It'd be way more fun for me to go on a road trip to San Fran or Reno for a few days, spend less than half the money, and make twice the memories. And please don't look at me as a greedy miser who doesn't like spending money. It's just that Jamaica isn't my ideal vacation spot, whether I'm paying for it or not.

For next years' seniors: I'm not saying to refuse to go on your trip. Almost everyone I talk to would go again in a heartbeat, so don't look at my opinion as typical.

"Missions Trip" …I don't think so. We spent like 2 days doing "missions work," which included painting a few rooms, playing with kids for a few hours, and a few other misc activities. Painting a few rooms? I'm not sure what good that does. Haha I mean I'm colorblind and stuff, so that might have something to do with it, but honestly, if I was in their position, the last thing I would feel like I needed is fresh paint on the walls. Also, I'm not much of a kid person, so I had to stretch myself to play with the kids, but honestly, I'm not sure what good we did there either. Sure they had fun for a few hours and got candy from us, but I'm not sure what good that did. It seemed like we just wanted to do as little missions work as possible and get it out of the way so we could have a better vacation. I saw this coming from the beginning, and that is a large part of the reason I decided not to send out support letters. Call me prideful, but I find myself feeling ridiculous asking my relatives for money for a trip to Jamaica. I find myself trying to trust God that we did something useful down there, but I find that difficult when I remember the spiritual condition of the high school. I'm so glad I'm finally out of there.

Everyone has always told me that when I would graduate, I would be totally excited but totally scared at the same time. Bullcrap lol. Right now I'm feeling excitement and so much relief. The whole fear of the unknown hasn't hit me. At least it hasn't yet. I'm not convinced that it will though.
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yellomoose Tips = Ecstasy (2) Feb 1st, 2009 6:35:12 pm - Subscribe
June 30, 2007 - Saturday

Yeah… I've been busy lately. I think I've had a total of 2 days off since graduation. Tomorrow is my first day off in almost 2 weeks, and I am so looking forward to it.

Yesterday… it was a good day at work. My average tip amount for a 6 hour shift is about $20. My coworker and I got a $10 tip twice in the same day, which is pretty much unheard of. At the end of the day, I walked away with about $30, plus a coupon for a free barbeque sandwich and entre from fat daddy's barbeque. That was sweet. Today went well also, I ended up with $29.

Minimum wage was raised at the beginning of the year. I didn't really care, because I wasn't making minimum wage anyways, so it didn't affect me that much… or so I thought. Last summer, the average tip day for a six hour shift was about $35, give or take like 5. For 8 hours, we usually got about $45. My highest tip day ever was about $75. This year so far, the most I've ever taken home was just over $30. When minimum wage went up, so did the cost of everything else, especially gas. Because of this, people don't tip nearly as much as usual. So yeah, I gain a quarter an hour in minimum wage (which, if I'm working 40 hours a week, ends up to be $10 a week, just enough to buy me a few gallons of gas), but I lose probably 2 or 3 bucks an hour in tips. At the beginning of the summer, I had calculated that I would make it until about February or March, depending on the weather, before I needed to take money out of my few grand that I have saved up. As of now, I will run out of my summer savings around Thanksgiving time, and by next summer, my 2 grand that I have saved might be completely drained. Since I'm not making nearly the money I thought I'd be making, I'm going to have to get another job. I might apply at Dutch Bros or something. I'm still not sure, and I really won't be till the end of the summer when I can figure out what my school schedule will look like. I could get another job now, but honestly, I'm working quite a bit at the carwash, and I don't want to completely destroy my social life. But I know I will have to get another job this winter.
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yellomoose Death to Legalism (Part 1) Feb 1st, 2009 6:33:37 pm - Subscribe
May 12, 2007 - Saturday

"Listening to metal has a negative affect on your spiritual life because it is full of hate"
Not I
So lost in your addiction
The solemn comfort of your grave
If you close your eyes
the light can't take it away
Not I - I won't conform to what I see in you
Not I - I won't surrender what I am
Not I - And even if it was a part of me
Not I - I'll never be that way again

Tearing through these days I find the tolerance to strive and push on
I know what lies beyond this life for me is already won
No one can take away the blood that covers over my fall
Without the blood of perfect life I know I'm nothing at all
So now I reign forever hallowed in eternity's hand
No man can shake me from the everlasting ground that I stand

The Soldier's Song
We are the sons of holy wrath,
a shining light in the dark
The ones who walk amongst despair,
no sign of fear in our hearts
Stand in death's way
Shut out the voice of mindlessness,
open your eyes to the truth
Believe the words that stand the test
and not the slurs of the youth
You're not what they say
Turn over the tables and watch them run
You'll be the weapon they can't outgun

The Coffin Builder
My life fell out of my hands and into
This hole where everything's cold
I lose the feeling of guilt. There's
nothing inside, my innocence died.
And now the emptiness grows, it's
bringing me down and taking my crown
I've seen where everything's dark.
It's here in my soul, I'm losing control.
Have mercy on me.
Have mercy on me.
Have mercy on me for every thorn I've driven in.

Before my very last day I'm making it stop.
I'm turning it off.
I'll fight the feeling I have until everything's
Gone. Resistance has won
Now time is healing these wounds and
You are still here releasing my fear
My life fell out of my hands. They
took it away, I'm taking it back.

Not Ready to Die
And we can sit here and cry until there's nothing left
Or we can take our voices with our hands
Make like knives and make demands
We'll take our voices - with our hands
Make like knives - we'll make demands
I'm burning bridges for the last time
I'm breaking habits for the first time
I'm not ready to lay, not ready to fade
I'm not ready to die
A Broken Upper Hand
Your words swarm me through my soul like locusts.
Eating away at any glimpse of focus.
Their eyes flaming red like pain.
Filling the void once righteous and bloodstained.
But words can't kill the light inside me that tears me from the hate that binds me.
I feel it crawling up my spine.
But i'll cut it off before it reaches the bloodline.
You'll never fade me out, you'll never turn me off.
You'll never reach the end, you'll never hear enough.
You're half-grasp can't exterminate my stand.
You can't rule with a broken upper hand.

I Have Seen Where it Grows
A step to the throne, i stand alone.
A vacant mind and a destined home.
Engaging the end in a seamless gaze.
Like blind i climb through the tortured blaze.
Raise me up into white unstained eternity gained, only life remains.
Forever the scars have been washed away
Like blood on the brow of a forgotten day.
Life is a path, Death a destination.

After reading through all these lyrics (all of which were written by
Demon Hunter), how can you possibly say that the music I listen to is
filled with hate? Yes, they definitely scream in most of their songs. But
I think "hate" is mistaken for passion. God created us all differently,
so obviously we will all respond better to different styles of
communication. I know a lot of people whose lives are deeply affected
by reading books by Christian authors. That's great for them, and yeah,
I can connect to God through that, but I find the deep lyrics of metal
songs (along with many hymns and worship songs) much more
appealing. If someone confronts me on an issue and is too gentle
("Chad, I've noticed that you tend to ________, and you know, I don't
think God really likes that, and I think it might be better for you if you
were to not do that as much"), many times I tend to almost doubt what
they're saying, sometimes appearing apathetic, because, by being too
gentle, it looks like they don't completely know where they stand on the
issue, or don't care as much. So how do I react best? Just yell at me.
I'm serious. I'm way more likely to listen to someone if, rather than using
the statement above, they just yell at me saying "CHAD! What the hell
are you thinking?! You KNOW what will happen if you _____! This is
crap! You're not freaking stupid! Knock it off NOW!" You'll make me
think so much harder about something if you do that.

All hail the newborn sin
Reject the boundaries and soak the cancer in
Hope kills the filth you crave
So bleed the truth out and fall into that grave
Uphold the brand new skin
Accept the failure, refuse to rise above
Break through the ribcage
And tear the heart out from everyone that you love

Over and over again
Over and over again
We'll carry the blame for the hell that we can't leave

Show me - the path that leads into your mind
Release - The thoughts you lock so deep inside
Show me - I'm the one who knew this pain
Release - Before you fall into this again
Behold the loyal slave
His rotting shell now a tomb where death can play
See now his pride caves in
Alone he fights to stop this dark decay
Feed, feed the lust you need
And fainter grows each plea from skies above
Break through the ribcage
And tear the heart out from everyone that you love

Building a life out of all that you hate
We see through the front that you tried to create
The world that you had hoped for was only a fake
And just like the maggots that made you this way
I know

Wow. This song is an extremely blatant view of the incredible
destructive power of addiction. Is this song happy? No! The author is
begging his friend to get out of his addiction! "Break through the
ribcage and tear the heart out from everyone that you love!"
But think about LIFE! Is it always happy? No! Sometimes I don't need
to hear "Jesus loves me this I know"! Sometimes I need to hear TEAR
intense destruction of the seeds I might be sowing! NO! THIS SONG IS

And not all metal is sad!
Not I - I won't conform to what I see in you
Not I - I won't surrender what I am
Not I - And even if it was a part of me
Not I - I'll never be that way again
No one can take away the blood that covers over my fall
Without the blood of perfect life I know I'm nothing at all
No man can shake me from the everlasting ground that I stand
But words can't kill the light inside me that tears me from the hate that binds me.
I feel it crawling up my spine.
But i'll cut it off before it reaches the bloodline.
You'll never fade me out, you'll never turn me off.
You'll never reach the end, you'll never hear enough.
You're half-grasp can't exterminate my stand.
You can't rule with a broken upper hand.
Raise me up into white unstained eternity gained, only life remains.
Forever the scars have been washed away
Like blood on the brow of a forgotten day.

To say that dwelling on metal music has a negative effect on your spiritual life is RIDICULOUS! What is not encouraging about those lyrics?! "No one can take away the blood that covers over my fall, without that blood of perfect life I know I'm nothing at all!" That is the sole purpose for my existence! "You'll never fade me out, you'll never turn me off! You're half-grasp can't exterminate my stand, YOU CAN'T RULE WITH A BROKEN UPPER HAND!" Even though I screw up a lot, I am God's child, and NOTHING can take that from me! "Raise me up into white unstained eternity gained, only life remains. Forever the scars have been washed away, like blood on the brow of a forgotten day!" There is FORGIVENESS! There has always been forgiveness, and there always will be! No matter what happens in this life, the blood of Christ has cleansed me FOREVER! I AM HIS, I WILL ALWAYS BE ABLE TO RETURN TO HIM WHEN I SCREW UP, HE WILL ALWAYS LOVE ME, AND NOTHING WILL EVER CHANGE THAT!
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April 30, 2007 - Monday

God does exist. Yes, I have always been a Christian and have always accepted Christ and His grace, and I've always had faith that He was there. But I occationally had my doubts about whether or not all of it was real. I mean come on, it doesn't seem realistic to think that there's an all powerful being up there controlling everything. It seems more superstitious, like religion is something created to give people a hope of something after death, or to have a false sense of security. Again, I was (an hour ago) and am a Christian and do believe in God. But I could never seem to kill that doubt that always entered my mind. I usually would disregard and ignore it. This, of course, bothered me. Why couldn't I face a small doubt that challenged everything I put my identity in? It then clicked for me.

The human brain, despite undoubtedly being the most powerful tool on the planet, is so weak. I never really thought of it, but I know very little of the world I live in. I don't understand exactly how I can call people on the phone, how the earth rotates, what keeps the sun blazing, or how a camera takes a photograph, digital or not. I don't even know about all the functions that take place within my own body every second. Until a week ago, I didn't know that I had a thing called a lymph system in my body, or even what it was. Despite all this, my lymph system has always been working, the sun has always been giving light, and the earth will continue to rotate. There are hundreds of unexplainable events that happen in the world every day, and even after thousands of years of technological development and learning, our minds are still too fragile to comprehend them. There are even hundreds of species of plants, insects, fish, and other animals that are not scientifically classified. We haven't been able to find a cure for cancer or aids, athough one probably exists. I truely realized that we, as humans, have a very limited perspective of our world.

That is when it hit me. For me to say that there is no God seems so incredibly arrogant to me. How could I say that, when I know almost nothing of the world I live in? Who am I to say that I know enough about life to know that no supernatural realm exists?
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April 18, 2007 - Wednesday

Prayer of a conservative Christian:
"Dear God, please save these sinners from the evils of rock music, drinking, and promise keepers, and help the saints who have been seduced by these evil demons to see the error of their ways, so that your desires will be accomplished."

Prayer of a charismatic Christian:
"Dear God, I pray that you would help the Baptists see that rock music, speaking in tongues, and promise keepers can be used for good and that worship includes more than just hymns. Show them your power and love, and the error of their ways, and so that your desires will be accomplished."

Prayer of a Christian Democrat:
"Dear God, please help [insert democrat politician here] to be put into office so that he can do great things for this country, such as more healthcare and welfare so that everyone can get along and be equal in your eyes, and so that the war can finally stop, and so that your desires will be accomplished."

Prayer of a Christian Republican:
"Dear God, please help [insert republican politician here] to be elected into office so that we can remove the terrorist threat, so that what I work for isn't given away to people who haven't worked for it, so that abortion and homosexuality won't continue, and so that your desires will be accomplished."

Prayer of a Christian Abortionist:
"Dear God, please help other Christians to see that this fetus is nothing but a mass of cells, not an actual life yet, so that my business can succeed, and so that your desires will be accomplished."

Prayer of a Christian Pro-life:
"Dear God, please help the abortionists to see that they are destroying an actual life who is one of your children. Please shut down the abortion clinics, so that your desires will be accomplished."

Prayer of a Christian Vegan:
"Dear God, please shut down the KFC industry and show people that animals are a gift from you and that killing them is a sin and so that your desires will be accomplished."

Prayer of a Christian KFC owner:
"Dear God, please help my business to prosper and for the vegans not to protest outside my restaurant this week. Please help me make money so I can give a portion back to you and support the missionaries, so that your desires will be accomplished."

Although I have hundreds of questions running through my mind right now, the one that stands out the most is "Do we all really worship the same God?" I don't know… I can't decide. But I do know is that one of the things God has been pressing on my heart lately is that our agenda may not be his.

The morals given to me are the ones my parents have taught me. Thus, I assume that God holds the same values. But who am I to say that my God holds the same moral and political stances as my parents? What if I was born into a vegan family? Because of my parents' teachings, I would assume that God would not want me to eat animals, and that scrambling an egg is the same as an abortion. My parents are no better than I am. I am a mere human, far from perfection. This being true, how can my parents possibly be right about all political and moral opinions they hold?

That being said, I believe the only way to truly know what is right and what is wrong is to defend it biblically. When I first thought of this concept, it finally clicked for me why being in the word daily is so important. Rather than assuming that God's agenda and my agenda are the same, I want to know exactly how God wants me to live. I don't want to get to heaven and realize that I lived my whole life ignorant to Gods true desires since I was convinced that His desires and my desires were the same. Because of this, I will accept anything that cannot be shown logically and biblically to be wrong (ie: rock music, eating meat), and I will purge my life of anything that I can show biblically and logically to be wrong (ie: abortion, etc).

And who knows? Chances are pretty high that I will agree with my parents on most morality and political issues. But if I do have a disagreement, whether it's with my parents or anyone else, I will be solid in my foundation, prepared to defend my views.

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February 12, 2007 - Monday

I've been meaning to blog for quite some time, I've just been way too forgetful. And I'm actually not even gonna blog about what I've been meaning to blog about, I'm gonna blog about work yesterday, because it was interesting.

I called my boss to see if he had me scheduled to work on Sunday. He had me workin from 8 to 5, which is great coz I get a lunch break and an 8 hour day, which means larger paycheck and tips. A bunch of weird things happened...

He pointed to a cheapy thin door that came off of the house next door, gave me a hammer, and told me to obliterate it. It was so insanely fun. After I had taken several large chunks out, I switched over to a saw and cut it into tiny pieces and through it away. It was glorious.

Some 6ish year old kid mooned me, laughed, and ran away. It took me seriously like 10 seconds to process what happened. Weird.

I have about 15 of those "support our troops" magnets on my car, coz people wash them off their cars and forget to put them back on, so I keep em. I got a bunch that say different things, too. End Child Abuse, Cure Multiple Sclurosis, Support Our Boots, Women of the Moose, Autism Awareness, and a couple breast cancer ones. Anyways, on my lunch break I went to Taco Bell and was sittin there, and ben walks in and is like, "yeah, I stole one of your troops magnets" ahaha it was funny. I'm not sure why now that I think back... but it was really funny then! So we chatted during out lunch breaks, then we went back to work.

Sam and I were gettin ready to close and had like 5 mins till we left, and a car pulls up. We're usually hecka annoyed when that happens coz we want to leave. So I guide her in and act all happy to see her and ask her how her day is, which is total crap coz I really don't care at this point lol. She pays and then asks me if I have an ipod. I say yes, and she's like, "oh, here's a tip" and hands me a $15 itunes gift card. 8D it was awesome. I was very happy when I left work and her car was pretty much clean enough to eat off of. Including the giftcard, I made $50 just in tips.

So yeah... that was my day at work. I'm not sure when I'll get around to blogging, I've been pretty unmotivated in the blogging area. I could sum them up into a few sentences... hmm.... homecoming is ridiculously pointless and can be painful for people who actually give a crap. Basketball seems to be the main focus of people in my school, and is not as important as everyone thinks. I'm not buying an Xbox anytime soon. I tend to procrastinate and be lazy, and with college coming up, I'm pretty sure it'd be the death of me. I'm getting a new car soon. I'm borrowing Michael's bass soon to see if I like it, so I won't have to buy one right away. I could process my thoughts into logical paragraphs, but I gotta go drop my sister off for basketball practice angry.gif and go to youthgroup.
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January 24, 2007 - Wednesday

So I had a crappy day. At lunch time, I got a phone call from someone, and my phone vibrated. One of my teachers saw me take it out and answer it, and it got taken. Our school made some rule about how we can't use cell phones, have them out, or have them on (not even on vibrate) during school hours, even during lunch. So the teacher told me to get it back from him after school. After school, I went back to him and asked for it back, and he said he turned it in to the office. So I went to the office to get it back, and they told me I had to get a parent to come get it, even if it was on the first offense. I was like, great, my dad's out of town, and my mom's at work. So I asked if I could call my mom to come get it, and the office lady told me that she'd have to get there within 5 minutes because the office is closed after that. So yeah... I was pissed. It's not like I was playing games on my cell phone during class (which I see people do almost daily) or anything like that, I answered my cell phone during LUNCH. Sorry about that, I mean I know I can be damned to hell for commiting sins as serious as that. I'll try to get my parents to come get me out of purgatory soon.

It's days like these that makes me want to say to the administration 'screw you, I don't need to put up with this BS. I can go to FHS or some public school where I don't have to deal with all these stupid rules.' Having your cell phone completely powered off is ridiculous. What if plans change and my dad needs me to take my sister home from school when we didn't originally plan on it? What if my work calls me to come in for a few hours? I need to know stuff like this so I can plan my night and not end up making other commitments only to end up cancelling them. And who honestly cares if your cell phone is "off" or if it's just on vibrate? It's a distraction when a phone vibrates during class? Ok, while you're at it, just duct tape our mouths and hand cuff us to the chairs so that we don't talk or move around, because everyone knows that that's distracting. At least it's alot more distracting than cell phones that vibrate on occation.

This is what makes me so pissed about my school. The focus of the whole school is so off. They're so focused on rules that they don't see that a mass amount of the student body are complete hypocrites. What difference would it make if phones were on vibrate? Who cares if we wear polo shirts instead of button down shirts? Why is chewing gum such a big deal? Why should I leave my ipod at home insead of in my pocket? What if I have to wait an hour after school so I can pick up my sister from basketball practice or something? Would it really hurt someone to keep it in my pocket for the day--or worse--on my belt? Is 10 minutes less of a lunch break drastic enough to make it so that we can't go off campus on monday, thurs and fri? I can make it to holiday and back in less than 10 minutes! And on that subject, what's wrong with Juniors going off campus? Why can we have only school related items in our locker? Is it gonna make me stumble if girls wear jeans to school?

I guess what I'm trying to say is that although many rules are necessary for mantaining order, balance, and unity, rather than focusing on enforcing rules, the school should focus more on helping the students build relationhips with God, and the rest will follow. Actually, I have to admit that the school doesn't focus that much on enforcing rules. Vibrating cell phones? My cell phone (as well as all my friends' phones) are on vibrate every day. Polo shirts? These were legal until someone noticed that the rules said "oxford style" shirts. Notice that the expectations changed not because someone got hurt, but because they realized that a polo shirt is not an "oxford style" shirt. Also, I see people wearing polo shirts every chapel day, as well as jeans on occation. Chewing gum? I see people chewing gum literally every day. Most of the teachers don't notice. Leaving my ipod at home? ha! I have it in my pocket every single day, and no one has been killed yet. Going of campus? MOST of my friends go off campus on days other than Tues and Wed, as well as many Juniors, and no one has caught them. Leaving school related items in our lockers only? Riiiight.... I'm pretty sure that I've broken every single one of the rules that went along with that "locker agreement" paper that everyone was supposed to sign and turn into the office. Girls wearing jeans? Personally, I think it's weird that guys can wear jeans, but girls can't. I'd say that they must have a good reason, but after looking at the past couple paragraphs, I'm not so sure. I could go on, but that's for another blog. I'm tired, and I have things to do, so I'm ending this blog with this quote:

Repression will provoke rebellion.
-Hugh Williamson
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January 1, 2007 - Monday

New blog about new years eve… yeah, this will be interesting, coz I've gotten little sleep lately. I'm putting this up here mostly for Andrew, because he's gone in some other state or somethin. So yeah, to Andrew, and everyone else, New years eve was pretty sweet. I was at nick's on the 30 and 31st, was up till 3 AM, and got 5 hours of sleep. I went home, took a shower, took a 2 hour nap, and went to Alex's ate dinner at his house, and headed over to Elises house round 8. Me, Alex, Jenny, Robert, and Elises family partied hard there playin catch phrase, DDR, and that one stupid color game until bout 3 AM, then we sat around talking till 4.

Alex took me to his house because my boss scheduled me to work at 8 AM on New Years Day, which I found interesting, because all of Redding is going to have a city-wide hangover, and no one's gonna want to wash their car. But hey, I'm gettin paid, so I ain't complainin. So I'm at Alex's house, myspacin on his laptop for a few hours before heading into work. After I get off work, Me, Alex, Elise, and maybe a couple other ppl are goin to that book place... barnes and noble er w/e... to go hang out. The only difference is that they are going to sleep and I am going to work in between now and the book place. haha, I find that ridiculously funny. So yeah, Andrew, I figured you'd be proud coz I pulled another all nighter and went to work right after. Oh, hey alex, thanks again for lettin me use your laptop. I still think you and elise are worthless, jobless bums who are too dependant on sleep tho


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December 29, 2006 - Friday

So yeah... I'm sure thousands of these are posted the last week of December. Heck, I had like 3 people on my friends list post em. This is one of those "look back at what I did last year and what I plan on doing next year" things. I thought it'd be fun, plus, I'm bored.

Last year....

I wrapped up my Junior year.
I went to a 3rd world country on a missions trip.
I got a job at the carwash, and made pretty good money over the summer.
I learned that I have a love for theology, debate, and logic, but not for History 12.
I learned that I have an even deeper love for biology and anatomy.
I realized it is better to be yourself.
I learned (again) that life is so much easier when you focus on God.
I learned that Sean Paul is amazing.
I was amazed at how much happier I am when I don't focus on things that suck.
I deleted my stolen music. (that was painful)
I learned to let the small things slide.
I got my license.

That was pretty cool.... I'm really excited for next year. Working at the carwash has been good for me, for many reasons that I won't explain (on myspace blogs) for at least 2 mons. I think it is time for me to move on tho. I turn 18 February 15, and I plan on working at Outback Steakhouse. The only reason I'm not there now is because they don't allow minors. I think the best birthday present I could get would be to work my first day there haha. I've heard that the manager is hard, so I'm pretty nervous about gettin a job there, but assuming I will make it, the benefits should outweigh the costs.

Another thing I'm excited for this next year is getting a new car. I probably have enough money now, but I want to get a credit card and take a loan out so that I can build credit. Oh, and don't worry, I'm not one to charge up a bunch of stuff on plastic and not be able to pay it back. I'm careful with my money, and I'm always hesitant to spend it on myself. But yeah, I've been drivin my Malibou for about 8 months, and while I like that car, it does have it's downsides, like no ac, a weak heater, no CD/MP3 player, etc. I don't want a big truck or anything, I just want something small, clean, reliable, and quiet with good gas mileage and low insurance. So prolly a honda or something.

Graduating.... it's another thing I've been waiting for. RCS was lame the first couple years of hs, then junior year I liked it. This year is pretty cool. There's some things that are nice, but there's some things that I can't stand. I'm finding it difficult to find depth or interest in my History class, which is focusing on philosophy, which I'll do another blog on later. Graphic design is also a struggle, as I am not artistic and I feel like what I'm doing in there is meaningless, tedious work and a complete waste of my time. The teacher and people are pretty cool tho. Aside from that, school should go pretty well. When I graduate, I want to attend Shasta College in an effort to discover what I truly want to do with my life. I know I want to do something involving biology and anatomy, so it looks like I'm headed toward the medical field.

Jamaica. Honestly, I'm not excited to go to Jamaica, and I'm honestly dreading the preparation in store for me. Sadly, I honestly think that it will be an ongoing battle between the Senior class and the Administration. Seniors will want to go off and just have fun, and the Administration will want us to do a lot of missions work, because hey, it's a missions trip. Honestly, I'm split in two. I want to have fun in Jamaica, but I want to have another experience like Nicaragua. Unfortunately, I don't think that many of the people in my class are ready for that kind of experience, and they will look at it as an extended outreach day with some fun days thrown in. They will probably see the "work days" as doing community service, which is an incredibly negative perspective. Man, I need to do a blog on community service and the students' perspective on it some time. So… Jamaica. More dread than anything.

Skydiving. Mrs. Henry is taking some kids skydiving this summer, and I'm there. I've wanted to do that for quite some time, and now that I have the chance, I'm not passin it up. Should be fun, as long as I don't die. Another thing I wanna do that is not so responsible or productive is get an Xbox 360. I saw the Millers playin one, and it looked fun, so I figured hey, my gamecube is freakishly out of date, and I don't ever play my DS, so I can sell those. Also, if I'm working at Outback, I should easily be able to afford it. Heck, I'll be able to afford it even if I'm not working at Outback! And I think I deserve something expensive that other people will drool over.

Road trip. Andrew and I are goin on a roadtrip to phoenix this summer. He has a sister stationed at an airforce base there, and some other relatives like a half hour away. I'm goin coz I got a good friend who lives there who I haven't seen for quite a while. I'm hecka looking forward to that. Long hours in my new car talkin with my buddy Andrew, blasting music from my new car, hangin out with Kat again, possible free housing at Andrew's relatives house… it will be awesome. Overall costs should be about $500 if we get free housing. If not, it still won't cost that much more. Andrew and I are gonna split the costs of gas, food, etc, so I'm uber excited.

As far as timing goes?
New job, get credit card: Mid February
New car: Beginning of March
Jamaica: End of May
Graduate: Beginning of June
Xbox/Skydiving: Somewhere around here
Roadtrip: First week of July
Start College: End of August

It's basically January. I'm so close to all this I can taste it! I'm so excited for next year! I look at the dates… February, March, May, June, July! They're all huge improvements on my life, and they're SO CLOSE to being here. February. I'm probably most excited for that, and it's just over a month away!

It's funny… in the past six months, my life plans have changed so many times. I was going into the army as soon as I graduated, then I was going into the airforce, then I was moving out with Josh and Andrew, which would be fun, but I wouldn't be able to afford any of the things above, except for a car, and college, maybe. So yeah, I think my plans for next year are pretty much set in stone. I've never been more prepared or excited for life. : )
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December 18, 2006 - Monday

Oh man. So this weekend was hecka fun. So I got these hats, right? They're the ones in my MySpace pictures. Sooo… I figured it'd be fun to take one and give it away at a white elephant gift exchange thingie. So I did, and I got back a $15 digital camera. It takes up to 20 "High Quality" pictures and up to 17 seconds of very low quality video! It's amazing! So yeah, I'm pretty sure that some sucker got screwed over bringin something good to a white elephant party and getting some dorky hat that is actually the awesomest thing since the death of furbies!

I got my paycheck also. Wanna know what the rain does to people like me? My check was for $14.57. Is that lame or what?! I haven't even decided if I'm gonna cash it. I might frame it and stick it above my toilet so it can terrorize me every time I defecate!

Also, I really want to drop graphic design. I love the teacher and the people I'm in the class with, it's just that art isn't my thing at all. My parents told me I have to substitute it with something of equal value (equivalent exchange… stupid full metal alchemist anime lol). So I dunno what I'm gonna replace it with, or even if I can. But seriously, I can't go on doing these projects. I dunno why, but it drives me insane.
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December 1, 2006 - Friday

The question presented to me was "Why is Jon such a jerk?" Although I personally have observed Jon to be humorous on occasion, I prefer to avoid spending large quantities of time with him, mainly because eventually I am frustrated by him. In this blog, I intend to dissect Jon, exposing his strengths and weaknesses, ultimately discovering the source of his remarkable ability to irritate others. This blog is not absolute truth, but rather my opinions based upon my experiences.

I believe that Jon is difficult for one core reason: he has a low self-esteem. Thus, since he fears that his true self is inadequate, he has to put on a mask as either (1) a class clown, or (2) an extremely intellectual person who knows everything about biology, computers, etc. Since he is usually in his intellectual state when he aggravates people, I will go further in depth into that subject.

Jon's main two subjects where he supposedly has a vast amount of knowledge are in computers and biology. His hypothetical knowledge of biology stems from the fact that his mother is a nurse and his father is a physician in the ER. He also claims to watch a substantial amount of the Discovery Channel on TV.

His other theoretical knowledge is of computers. He feels that he is extremely knowledgeable in this subject because his parents, who are somewhat wealthy, can afford computers superior to others in speed and storage space. Jon also probably spends an extensive amount of time on his computer.

Jon has a passionate intolerance for inefficiency, and because he believes that he is such an intelligent human being, he feels he has the right to rectify the ways of others, which typically includes offending them or causing them to look foolish. He does this in the name of "being very honest", a fallacy which he developed as a defense mechanism for when he verbally attacks others. I have found that if one's ways are not 100% productive, Jon will attack him, austerely declaring that they must alter their ways to increase efficiency. Jon discovers ways people are being inefficient because he disregards the personal opinions, feelings, and values of others. Just before Thanksgiving vacation, I went to Winco and bought something small for a family in the church who we were giving a Thanksgiving dinner. Jon found out about this and attacked me because I did this while saving for a car. Jon is correct when saying I could save more efficiently by not giving my money to a poor family. However, my opinion is that contributing to help a family is more important than having an extra $5 saved in my bank account.

From this dissection, I deduct that Jon's greatest strength his that he is slightly more efficient than everyone else. I also deduct that, aside from his self-esteem problems, Jon has no consideration for others or spiritual depth at all. But you can get that just by asking him.

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November 27, 2006 - Monday

So I was up the other night... poetry-ing... as I call it. It's not really poetry tho, coz it don't rhyme. And it's just one paragraph. And it's NOT emo.

Objective: Survival
The dying hours of Thanksgiving break dawns a new struggle – a brutal war within myself, which will endure at the very least a month. This continual conflict is unlike most other spiritual campaigns I embark upon. Not only is this engagement of combat seasonal warfare, it is a desperate, continual fight. I have no peace or rest as I pass through what seems an eternity of constant, strenuous warfare. The battle is to overcome duplicity and destroy hypocrisy within my very depths, while observing the very thing I love more passionately than all material possessions twisted and warped by the enemy to become something… meaningless. Shallow. Repulsive. Sickening. As I restlessly prepare my weapons for the upcoming battle, I pray fervently for my fellow brothers who will soon be enjoined with me in an brutal, heated, unrelenting battle for survival amongst eradication. Dawn breaks. With the sun in my eyes and the enemy in sight, my apprehension transforms into rage. Adrenaline courses through my veins, setting my soul aflame, blazing with the fire of God. We are at War. We are truely at war.
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yellomoose HACKED Elise!!! Feb 1st, 2009 6:06:20 pm - Subscribe
November 27, 2006 - Monday

ok...this is Elise...AGAIN!!! For this 2nd time in 2 months (or less) i have hacked into Chad's myspace. I mean seriously...CHAD: NEVER NEVER NEVER leave your profile blank is so boring!!! It reminds me of a certain class on block schedule wednesdays...but we won't talk about that because we are ninja detectives and that is top secret. so i just had to hack into it and fix it so that i could actually stand looking at it!!! Anyways...Chad, a little advice when you fix your myspace later this week:



3. NO..."RELAXATION MUSIC" LIKE ON ALEX'S PAGE WHEN YOU ARE TRYING TO WATCH ONE OF YOUR CRAZY VIDEOS...WITH YOUR LEVEL 2 BIKER HAIRCUT... (Go wach the video and you will get it all of you uninformed people.)


5. NO FEET PICTURES...hecka yo!

So those are my myspace rules for the next time you update your myspace Chad, REMEMBER, you have to obey them because I helped you with your Graphics project and you have to be nice to me until Christmas break.

Thank you.

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