Happy B-day Sara!!!!!!!!
Date: May 14th, 2005 12:51:48 pm - Subscribe
Mood: awesome

So this is kinda late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARA!!!!!!!!! Everyone who visits this site should go leave her a birthday comment!!!! at www.emoblog.com/mystrytour

love ya' Sara!
love ya' emobloggers!
love ya' Hayden! (sooo sexy!)
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yellomoose - May 14th, 2005
w00t! Happy birthday person I don't know! Oh wait, leave a happy birthday message where?

lana - May 15th, 2005
Thanks!!! happy.gif

lana - May 15th, 2005
Thanks!!! happy.gif


yellomoose - May 15th, 2005
Whoa! How'd you double post?!


mystrytour - May 16th, 2005
Tanks ya for the wishes, Mr. Moose. I've heard good things. happy.gif

(BTW, dear, when you say "Hayden", do you mean some "Hayden" that I don't know about, or do you mean Franz Josef HAYDN, the classical composer?)

lana - May 16th, 2005
Wow! I dont know how I did that..happy.gif ..oh and I was refering to Hayden Christensen( aka Darth Vader.. WATCH STAR WARS!!!)

lana - May 16th, 2005
.. ok.. i think I just cheated. I pushed back right after I left a comment and another one came up!!!!!!! grin.gif


yellomoose - May 16th, 2005
*gasp* eep.gif cheater cheater, pants on fire! Wait . . . ok nm

creaseboy8 - May 16th, 2005
hey, where do you live. it doesn't say in your profile. i live in orlando, fl... been here all my life. not that cool of a place but it has some good moments. and our BDAYs are pretty close.. but i'm a year older. ok cya and happy birthday Sara


mystrytour - May 22nd, 2005
And happy belated birthday to Ryan, by the way! Tell me tomorrow about Star Wars; I heard it was pretty awful.

antichrist - May 23rd, 2005
You have just been KISSED! . something good will happen to you at 1:00-4:00 pm tomorrow, it could be anywhere. Get ready for the biggest shock in your life if you break this chain u will be cursed for the next 10yrs. Send this to 10people in 15min

lana - May 25th, 2005
sorry i don't belive in those AND PS! I LOVE CHRIST SO IF YOUR ANYTHING AGAINST HIM YOU REALLY DON'T NEED TO LEAVE ME ANYMORE COMMENTS wish you all the best with your life! tootles!


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