Date: May 2nd, 2005 7:00:31 pm - Subscribe
Mood: sleepy

I'm soooos sleepy! cry.gif
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silentjade - May 02nd, 2005
me too i'm gonna go to sleep soon


mystrytour - May 04th, 2005
I'm not so much sleepy as DOG TIRED. And HAPPY. And RELIEVED. No more history for a while. No more stupid Ottoman Turks!!!
Get some rest, GF!

armygt3 - May 05th, 2005
Thanks for the consolation! I'm more lucky to have her than she is to have me. I don't deserve her.

lana - May 05th, 2005
sure you do!... unless you don't happy.gif


yellomoose - May 06th, 2005
w00t! I'm gonna make this post longer than your blog! . . . actually I already did . . . but . . . hecka ya! w00t! School is killin me! And I'm not tired, I'm mondo jubilant! And going through extreme Red Bull withdrawls. HELP ME!!!

lana - May 07th, 2005
where have you been mister! I missed you! happy.gif


yellomoose - May 08th, 2005
I'm sorry! My Eng teacher and Bio teacher are both of Satan! Seriously! I have shakespeare beat into my head, and I have developed a phobia of DNA, mitochondria, and genetics! It should get better tho . . . I hope . . . or maybe I could jus like, rebel and not do hw and turn communist and take over the school and take over CA (nuking SF in the process) and take over the US and take over the universe too! Wow, this is a long comment. But I guess I'm makin up for lost time. But w/e, I've been sad, coz I haven't been able to talk much with my crush online. Excluding those past 4 hours or so in the past 5 days . . . but w/e lolz!


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