Date: Apr 13th, 2005 11:12:59 pm - Subscribe
Mood: abused

Just finished watching Smallville! that show is so addictive! And I don't really know why. So anyways I went on emoblog today in French but the bell rang a few minutes after I went on. That was pretty annoying, considering this site is my new obsesion. Mom screaming at me! I have to go CLEAN UP! what's that did my mother just call me CINDERELLA!

desperately love ya'
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yellomoose - April 13th, 2005
!!!! I freakin love smallville! I'm so addicted, I don't even know I'm addicted! I got the first three seasons on dvd for christmas and we had them all watched by like Feb! Dag! I can't wait till the fourth season comes out in October! Wow, you sure update a lot! lolz!

notebook - April 14th, 2005
HEY! You really are obsessed, my goodness. Well, good for you! Now if only I could get my seperate blog going (truluvways)...anyway...I didn't know you could use computers in French! Now MY mom is yelling at me. Gotta put away this coffee ice cream and go to the library. Hugs from me!

lana - April 14th, 2005
Sara!? AWWW! you commented!... Took you freakin' long enough! happy.gif


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