still screaming
Date: Apr 14th, 2005 10:17:22 pm - Subscribe
Mood: bitter

My moms still yelling at me! It's like if my dads not home she transforms into an evil witch! I finally reallized why i cryed for hours when I was little and my dad went to work! If I yell at her back I wonder if I'll survive untill my dad gets back....probably not. That chick is so weak but she somehow always manages to hurt me. probably cause I don't fight back..(maybe fight is too strong a word) it's not child abuse or anything.
I hate that!!!!! she is so two sided when dads home she's a nice person.. ok gotta go... sara don't freak out and call the police!

love ya'
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yellomoose - April 15th, 2005
aww dag, I hope ya feel better!

notebook - April 17th, 2005
(WOW, this is late. But still.)
Sara is already freaked out enough, thank you! And maybe I would have called the police but I STILL don't have your phone number or address!! I gotta know this stuff, lady. happy.gif


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