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Date: Jul 15th, 2005 12:31:30 pm - Subscribe
Mood: safe

Wow! The whole web site got a make overhappy.gif.
Hey! how do you put pics on your page? i saw some on this other one and I was just wondering. I missed you all while the site was down sad.gif. I lost track of the days was it two or three?...or four? I cant remember. What does Aeonity mean? I like emo better, but I guess this is okay.

So my day so far... I just woke up happy.gif but I checked this other site and my books are coming soon. Hooray! O! and I made a neopet! he is sooooo cute and his name is chobie. Have you seen neopets though I cant belive how fun it is.It looks like a web site for kids (and actually my little brother got me into it) but it is sooo fun!!!! I wish I could show you all my neopet, but oh well.

so even though I just woke up I think that's amazing considering i went to sleep at four in the morning. My little brother decided that since i didn't have summer school like my older brother( and therefore didn't have to be awake at six everyday) That we should have a party every night and stay awake as long as we could... and at first that seemed like a good idea.( on school nights I have to be asleep, or trying to sleep by ten). But after a couple of nights im beggining to realize theres a reason people need sleep. Last night I watched g4 tech untill paid programing came on, then i watched animal cops houston, then confessions of a teen aged drama queen, and then karate kid. some where after that i fell asleep. I have no idea how long my brother stayed awake but when i woke up the tv was still on and he was laying three feet from his sleeping bag like he started to go to the living room or something but he colapsed before he could make it. its was really kind of sad. we both look like weve been doing drugs all night and hes onle 11, so im surprised my mom hasn't raided our "parties" yet. gotta go.

luuuv ya'
lana (Aka Mrs. sleepy)

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playwright - July 15th, 2005
I had to upload the pictures myself (I use but a lot of people use and then I used an html code; try, it has a lot of tutorials and I'm sure it could explain how better than I.

lana - July 15th, 2005
Thanks! happy.gif


yellomoose - July 15th, 2005
whoa . . . unlimited parties . . . unlimited tv . . . it jus don't get no better than that! Oh, cept for unlimited Red Bull tounge.gif


perfect110 - July 15th, 2005
sounds like you and your brother have been having a good time... yeah- sleep is nice though. perfect~


yellomoose - July 16th, 2005
umm . . . you told me to leave you another comment . . . I dunno why lolz . . . prolly coz ppl get so excited when they get a new comment or somethin. But no, I don't wanna get yall excited, so I'll jus nag on you. BLOG AGIN! Bow dagget, you haven't blogged for like a day and a half! What is that?! Are you avoiding me or something?! Is there someone else?! lolz!! That was fun. Hmm . . . what to chat about now? I don't like the word 'chuckle'. It's jus so irritating and stuff. Kinda like you girl ppl. You girls make NO sense whatsoever! Ever! Never! Drivers ed'ed dead!

lana - July 17th, 2005
Hahahaha! happy.gif


yellomoose - July 18th, 2005
And here I am leaving another comment. Weird, eh? Wool go comment on my blog like you said you would! Gosh! Do I hafta remind you to do everything? Do I hafta call you and remind you to make your bed? No! Why should I hafta remind you to leave me comments! Huh? HUH?! SEE?! There's no excuse! None at all! Ok, I'm gonna quit coz I'm sounding more and more like my Eng teacher by the minute. Ok, jus to make sure I don't sound like her: I ain't got nunna them comments in yonder there blog! There. I don't think she would EVER say that!


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