Date: May 10th, 2005 8:48:26 pm - Subscribe
Mood: Hapyy happy happy!.. but rushed!

Friday I went to See kingdom of Heaven with my brother and four of his friends. It was really fun. My parents are seriously overprotective so it's not like I get to do stuff like that all the time.. and if they had known i was going to be there with five guys they probably would have locked me in my room but lucky me they never really figured out. We snuck in cause we weren't seventeen. (who cares!) well... we really didn't sneek in because we just walked up and gave the lady our tickets. ( she so knew we weren't seventeen but se was really nice) Thanks lady! wink.gif The movie was pretty good. I didn't relly notice to much other than Orlando Bloom so i can't give details. Sorry Moncey I really did see him first tounge.gif

Then we went in Barns and Nobles and I got coffe from the starbucks on the top floor... and then I cryed.( Cofffe is evil!!! sad.gif) Coffe makes me depressed. I haven't figured ou why yet! Were all goin back to the Grove next week to go see Starwars. yay! G2G I wanna take a shower.

Love ya'
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nickis2emo - May 11th, 2005
your face is too short tounge.gif happy.gif
i dont blog anymore just this http://www.flickr.com/photos/thenatural/


mystrytour - May 11th, 2005
"Kingdom of Heaven", eh? Yeah, Moncy'll definitely be jealous. I think Nathaniel bought the two of us R tickets one time...I had to stand far away, because I look eleven and he looks twenty-five, but we got in. Man, to be six-foot-two! Anyway, very very cool. I know Ryan is going to pass out from Star Wars mania. Oh, and check out this link; coffee should actually improve your mood (!):


Hugs from me...and why were you absent? (You can look at my blog to see the insane reasons for MY absence...) happy.gif
...And I mean INSANE. And quite stupid actually.


yellomoose - May 12th, 2005
eh, coffee is EVIL! It's like, of Satan or something! Seriously! It's like, the fluids of the devil! I like Red Bull better . . . gives me a better high lolz, and it doesn't taste like something that deserves to be poured down the toilet . . . whoa . . . tha'd look cool!

creaseboy8 - May 16th, 2005
i used to drink coffee all the time, i would get really hyper for 15 minutes then really tired, sometimes depressed, and my friends would get really annyoed so i stopped drinking it, not for them. for myself, i don't think its all that good for you. i try to stay away from soda too. i LOVE smoothies now. at planet smoothie i always get Grape Ape, its grape and strawberry. very good stuff! and star wars is going to rock! i'm wearing my star wars shirts all week!


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