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lazure please go back to sleep. - Subscribe
"You know, I always wanted you to be my girl, but then I realized that nobody will ever have you. You're too much your own person. People will be with you, but they'll never really have you."

And when I said your words scared me and you asked me why, I responded that maybe, maybe I want to be had and now I was leaving all of the simplicity behind to return to my long lines and busy life and the whole world kept shifting shifting shifting and I was not okay, but then again, I was just fine.

Anyways, thank you for that.

lazure behind your back. Nov 2009 4:34:27 - Subscribe
I felt nonexistent so I stopped coming to you and left enough space to see if you'd come to me.

You just stood there.

So I burnt the bridge. But now that the ashes have washed away, I've created an island.

I'm a retard.
But I don't regret a thing.

lazure few and far inbetween. Nov 2009 1:21:31 - Subscribe
I think that all of the friends I have are only at a proximity.

What I mean is that there's enough distance between us to say that we're friends but not know a thing about each other.

What I mean is that the people I consider friends don't know a thing about me.

That's why I don't think anyone would be able to answer a question about me involving something personal.

People get a general outlook of me but I don't think they really know too much about me. At least, what I consider would be enough of me.

Doesn't really matter. Being so detached means that you can get somewhat involved in another's problems while at the same time be given the right not to care.

lazure that feeling. Nov 2009 4:41:59 - Subscribe
it's that feeling you get when you're walking home alone late at night from the bar, or from nowhere in particular, and as you pass beneath a streetlamp, it flickers out.

lazure the first time you fall in love. Nov 2009 5:13:14 - Subscribe
Love is an amazingly interesting human emotion. It has the capacity to mark you and stagger you but at the same time, con you into thinking that it is the single best feeling in the world.

He is only interested in you because there are things about you that remind him of his first love.

And he will grow disinterested when he finds out all of the things about you that are different.

He told me so himself.