Aeonity Blog
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Rules & Guidelines

• All Blog Content is debated through Moderators.

• NO trolling or spamming the website or it's members.

• NO selling or promotion of your own web services or products.

• NO insulting or personal attacks on other members - do not flame each other!

• NO duplicate member accounts - please each member must only have 1 member account.

• Respect each others' opinions - you don't have to agree with them but please respect them.

• NO selling or distribution or discussion of illegal or copyrighted materials on this board.

• Members please DO NOT troll or spam other people's domains to promote this website - it gives this website a bad reputation.

• If you have a friendship or relationship with one of our users and it poses to be a problem please refrain from any slander in your blog's. But please do not stop posting our interacting with us. Do not be influenced by others, simply be a individual.

• Aeonity Chat is used for users to talk/chat with other members. Personal promotion of a users blog is prohibited as we do not want every single user to just promote their blog instead of using the chat for it's intended purpose.

• Aeonity will hold no responsibility here, and in the future for chat conversations that result in any type of mishap. Any content on chat that is prohibited by the laws of any sovereign state, obscene under the laws of any sovereign state, or otherwise considered by AEONITY, in its sole discretion, to be offensive, disruptive, obscene, inappropriate or otherwise an administrative burden, may be removed or deleted without any compensation to you.

• Last of all, have fun, participate in frequently and visit daily.