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On studying

Mar 31st, 2010 9:01:27 pm - Subscribe

On studying
As students,studying is our life. we always have a lot of exams/tests every term. Tests are used nowadays to check/examine/measure how well /effectively students study. Exams are a very useful and important educational tool of measurement.

However, exams have some side effects of their own. First, some exams can’t reflect the real progress students make. Second, too difficult or too many exams force students to cheat in exams. Too many exams force students to study for the sake of exams only, to name just a few.

In my opinion, advantages of exams far outweigh their disadvantages. Despite their side effects, exams can on the whole check and show how well students study scientifically and accurately. At least so far there has been not any method that take their place in education. Besides, exams seem to be fair to all students as they are objective and everyone is equal before test results.

To conclude, exams may continue to exist in our education for a long time before they are replaced by some better measurement methods.so we need use kind of methods to studying.
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