(sacrastically) Happy New Year (Fake Smile)
Date: Jan 1st, 2006 3:37:49 pm - Subscribe

another year of bullshit..
..good riddance 2005.. farewell..
too bad you cant take the sour memories of your year with you...
..you had to leave them with me..

2005 is like a bad corporate year.. everything came down.. the major failures in sports, academics and friendships were sandwiched between two major heart breaks..

tough luck kiddo.. oh well.. too bad god cant fire me.. i cant quit either.. oh fuck

..honestly i cant take another 2005..
maybe this year may be different? hahaha
..hope seems only like a bad rotting cliche used by people who want to feel good..

but then it may just be me...

fill the mug with beer friend, light a cigarette
raise your mugs to the sky, have a smoke..
"to all the friends i've met, i have and will meet...no matter how long or short we have been together.. thank you for the punches and the hugs... for the tears and the laughs..
cheers to you all... c'mon my dear friends.. the year is young.. and so are we... let's drink tonight.. cheers"

the sadhappy year has ended.. and we're still here..

and as we lay on the grass drunk and laughing..cigarette smoke in the air..
..cards scattered everywhere..

..we count the stars.. and we raise our mugs to the infinite darkness...

..and we fall asleep under the watchful eyes of the stars... as we wake up to the bright orange of sunrise..

we clean up and fix everything...
all is in order already?

we're missing a card... seems like someone lost the queen of hearts
they say.. (3)

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iix8vii - January 01st, 2006
This year we are going to have robots!


lalang - January 03rd, 2006
true.. 2005 sucks!
hoping 2006 would be better!

letmedream - January 18th, 2006
hopefully grin.gif


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