The Shooting
Date: Apr 19th, 2006 4:33:21 pm - Subscribe
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I would first have the secretary call 911 and the superintendent while I call for a lockdown. I would contact the counselor and any extra personnel to try and help move the students to another area if there is one available. I would then go to the cafeteria to try and help I would then follow our EOP emergency procedure to ensure the safety of the students.
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THE CPS Dilemma
Date: Apr 11th, 2006 11:16:17 pm - Subscribe
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I would politely tell Mrs. Bortz that all and any CPS referals are confidential. That, bylaw, if a teacher, counselor or other school personnel has suspicion of child abuse or neglect, they must report it. After that, CPS is totally responsible for the subsequent investigation and the validity of the claim. I welcome her concern but our only concern is for the welfare of our school children and families.
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Let's Do Lunch!
Date: Apr 11th, 2006 11:09:00 pm - Subscribe
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Actually this is easy for me since my husband is my agent! Just kidding.. It would depend where he was taking me to lunch.. not really.. I would politely decline unless I had a concern or question that I was willing to discuss with all five designated agents. I think if you meet with one, you have to meet with all. I might even have my secretary make the call if I knew the person and felt that it would be very time consuming.
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To Teach or Not to Teach
Date: Apr 11th, 2006 11:05:45 pm - Subscribe
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I am one who always thinks smart public relations is a good thing. However, I think teaching at least one class for an entire semester would not be feasible in the time juggernaut with the addition of the other duties a principal has. It might be feasible to teach say three lessons a semester or even for one day a semester. This would be more feasible probably in an elementary campus. I think it would be extremely difficult to make the committment to be responsible for a class along with other committments that take a principal's time. One other concern is while I am teaching the class, who will be taking care of discipline and other fires that might arise. Maybe the superintendent or school board could come be "principal for the day".. Just kidding!
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The Out of Control Student
Date: Apr 11th, 2006 10:56:24 pm - Subscribe
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Yikes! I would have the secretary call the School District Police officer just in case the situation again became volitile.. If the district has a zero tolerance policy for teacher assualt, I would follow whatever their guidelines would be. I would have the school nurse check out the bite wound and take pictures of any injuries. I would have each person (if Cassandra would) write up an account of the events that occured. I would also call Cassandra's parents to discuss with them the situation and the district guidelines whether suspension, AE or what other program they might have. I would also refer Cassandra and her family to the school counselor. It seems like to me that this might be the incident that will force them to get this student some help from either counseling or special programs.
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