Teacher in a Rut
Date: Apr 19th, 2006 5:22:06 pm - Subscribe
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I think this happens everywhere especially with experienced staff. I think this is all in the approach. I would visit with Mrs. McFarland and tell her how much you respect her and her dedication to teaching and your school. I would tell her that I need her help. We would like to move her to ? grade to work with that team. I know that with her experience that she would be able to make the switch and help our school. I would make some concessions about helping her if she had to move rooms. For example, having someone cover her class while she packs, coming up to help her move, or offering her a comp day (if the district policy would allow it). I think sometimes teachers don’t mind moving but they are apprehensive about the change. If they know that we, as principals, have confidence in them sometimes they will willingly take the step.

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