Freed pointes
Date: Oct 30th, 2008 11:30:55 pm - Subscribe
Mood: interested

So I wore my new Freed pointe shoes today. They're not magic shoes, i.e., my feet don't look amazing, but they do seem to be a bit better than Sanshas. Though the profile is a bit high so my toes were scrunched.

And it felt like my feet were pointed when I was pointing them - sounds odd but when I wear Sanshas (or others), my ankle points, but my toes don't feel like they are pointing.

I did pirouettes, fouettes, endedans pirouettes, arabesque & attitude turns. Even almost a triple pirouette to the right!

I might have to cut the shank a bit so it ends where I need it to end. I ended up fidgeting with my shoes a lot throughout class....
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