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Another Cast Member Discovery! Jan 24th, 2009 2:06:28 am - Subscribe
Mood | reclusive

... And this time all credit goes to Anonymous (see below comments) for telling me about this. His name is Brandon Gonzales (or the other way around, not sure) and has appeared as the hot guy from Nelly Furtado's video, Promiscuous and Britney Spears's Do Something. A friend of his had told me that he has a somewhat major role in the movie so watch out for him ok.

I've taken (without permission) several pictures from his MySpace for you guys to see but for more, you can check out his Myspace by CLICKING HERE (yup, he's the hot bald dude). And please take note that the movie title from his page is BRING IT ON: FIGHT TO THE FINISH (which is a hell lot more interesting looking than Cinco)

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flashfox September 16th, 2009

grin.gif loved it! aand still loving it



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