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New Official Title for BIO5 Jan 24th, 2009 2:36:20 am - Subscribe
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It seems that the big guns at Universal finally decided on BRING IT ON: FIGHT TO THE FINISH as the official title for the upcoming BIO franchise. Phew! And while we're at it, Universal has also release a statement saying that the movie will be out late summer of 2009 (but this can be drag to a later date so fingers crossed it didn't). For the full info from Universal, CLICK HERE.

Here's an updated version of the movie's synopsis:

In the all-new movie, Bring It On: Fight To The Finish, East Los Angeles high school cheer squad captain Lina Cruz (Christina Milian) and her best friends Gloria (Vanessa Born) and Treyvonetta (Gabrielle Dennis), have high hopes of winning the Spirit Championships with the team's fiery fusion of Latin and hip-hop moves. Instead, Lina's world is turned upside down when her mother remarries and her family relocates to Malibu where she is forced to adjust to a new home, a new stepsister (Holland Roden) and a new school with a less-than-stellar cheer squad. Always ready for a challenge, Lina takes on the daunting task on transforming Malibu Vista High Sea Lions cheer squad into a championship team, but she will have to get past the award-winning Jaguar cheer squad and their captain, Avery (Rachele Smith). Lina's budding romance with Avery's brother Evan (Cody Longo) only intensifies the rivalry. With the stakes higher than ever before, Lina devises a bold plan that could blow the Jaguars right off of the competition floor and lead the Sea Lions to victory!

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anonymous July 19th, 2009

this movie is going to rock but i wonder if it will be better than the others or not?happy.gif

flashfox August 26th, 2009

Yeah i heard the movie's coming out on DVD September 1rst here in Canada.. It's going to be pretty solid with Christina Milian and a great soundtrack with new songs by Christina, Lady Gaga, Kat Deluna and The Veronicas... I'm definately looking forward to it! grin.gif



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