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liuwan Minimalist boudoir honey fitted easily with a look on 1 outing to go - Subscribe
stunning index is always limited, on the girlfriends Day Lira good friends, teamed up to put on the complementary color or style similar sisters installed, so that with the upgrade, go shopping or outing! Period day Look of two supermodel, two people walked easily minimalist styling still a fashion force superimposed attracted enough envy eye to create a simple simple fashion gas field
Yes, girlfriends installed originally two things, a single person with a longer look good but also how it? Sister is not used to set off you, along with the US-pocketed keep returning is really beautiful. If you are the two taste the same as the sisters Congratulations to you, then do not look at the current content, I am sure you will invariably with piercing enough harmony double score. Well, the most sister friend are acquired heart-to-heart, and then try to use the material, pattern similar combinations Street. The combination of materials such as cotton and hemp, denim or silk and chiffon prints and animal avatar ride, not necessarily wear the same can also be in tune enough good girlfriends.


Wearing the same piece of clothing is not creative? Okay, thin waist with a skirt, nice legs take a pair of pants, but also significant stature and earn keep returning, it is a good idea, right? !

In fact harmony can be understood as the harmony of the fabric material also can be understood as a pattern of harmony different colors such as a piece of clothing style outfit would be amazing.

3 color Recommend to a with sister friend complementary color harmony, must hit the color, try to make a person's clothing color with a hit, with a single tone with more pleasing to the eye.
4 shoes of the same paragraph of the same section of the bag is also good single product to create a sense of intimacy, do not want to go to war "and let the shoes and bags to" chipping away "dress".
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liuwan Web Snob March 22, 2013 Mar 25th, 2013 3:37:08 am - Subscribe
Couture Snob celebrates the release of Bryan Boy and Adrienne Landau’s new fur accessories line.

Phoebe Philo has come under fire this week for her “copy-cat” coat, but The Cut discusses why some are taking sides with Céline’s creative director.

Girls love boys the way Bag Snobs love Chanel Boy bags. A lot!

Fashionista has rounded up the 10 biggest stories of the Fall 2013 fashion season.

It comes as no surprise that floral shoes will be big this spring, but Shoe Snob explains why you shouldn’t pluck the first flower you see.

Vogue interviews top designers on how they stay fit.

Lea Michele finally understands something important about fashion – not everyday is a pageant. And more importantly, when you’re carrying a bag like the Givenchy Nightingale (at Barneys New York for $2,020), you don’t need much else. Seen in LA on a recent shopping spree, Lea shows how to shop effortlessly. You don’t want to wear anything so complicated that it’s a pain to try on new pieces. A great pair of fitted (yet not so tight that you can’t get them off without a fashion squad!) jeans like Victoria Beckham’s stovepipe blues (on Shopbop for $285) and simple black Vera Wang Lavendar flats (at Neiman Marcus for $175) are essential. To keep things exciting, top it off with a long-sleeve lacy number from Free People (at Free People for $4cool.gif. And don’t forget to pop a pair of Ray-Ban aviators (at Nordstrom for $145) into your Nightingale for the paparazzi. What do you think of her off the red carpet look?
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