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Suspense thriller movie "Fort shock isolated situation," Introduction

Mar 31st, 2010 9:38:21 pm - Subscribe

Film name: "Solitary Fort Glory"

Scriptwriter: Guillermo Del Toro

Director: Juan Antonio 尼奥巴亚纳

Starring: Belén Rueda Beilanluda
Fernando Cayo Fernando Cayo
Jie Lading Chaplin Geraldine Chaplin

Type: horror / thriller / suspense

Producers: Spain Roda, Film and Television Company

Length: 94 min

Reflect on: April 16, 2010


The orphans have been Laura with her husband and seven children Simon returned to his childhood lived in the orphanage, to prepare the reconstruction of the long abandoned orphanage. However, in this orphanage after the spate of strange things completely broke Laura's plan, with the mysterious disappearance of his son Simon, hidden secret in this isolated fort gradually floating to the surface ... ...

Laura childhood in an orphanage at the edge of the coast to spend a happy time, in orphanages as a teacher is like a mother care for them, the children were like brothers and sisters love each other. 30 years later, due to childhood nostalgia, and like those orphans with their sympathy, Laura moved to an orphanage where he once lived. Before this five children mysteriously disappeared, a strange strange old woman came to visit Laura, she had died three years of abnormal son, in which the mystery of the orphanage, a series of strange events began to happen, Laura Simon paid initially found five "invisible" friend, and later there was a child wearing a mask of terror, the most terrible is a strange old woman once, even violent death before her. However, in this empty orphanage whether hide something? Simon tells Laura to complete treasure hunt if a wish can be achieved. After the completion of part of the game, Simon know not naive parents after birth, sudden drastic change of personality ... ... He locked the bathroom after his mother disappeared for no reason ... ... Source: Century Global Online

Video Aspect:

Suspense in the end will be

"Solitary Fort Glory" as a horror film thriller, suspense film to shift forward to the ultimate essence of the film from start to finish and always maintain a kind of indescribable mystery, the layers of depth that boils people caught in a state can not stifle, always with a doubt the audience with the film's plot development, the kind of movie spectators to participants from other types of conversion can not reach the realm of film, and "Solitary Fort surprise Love "is the kind of people can not pause the video, along with the development of its films will give viewers a puzzle at any time the answer to another question and the beginning of the mystery of this high density has been extremely rare in recent years, "Solitary Fort Glory" will awaken our hearts to returning to the desire.

Horror run through the game

A major feature of this film is the way with a game show atmosphere of terror, whether it is "One, Two, Three, wooden" or "treasure found clues," all of us grew up with classic games, for these memories, "Fort shock isolated situation," the director conducted a thorough subversion, these games become indispensable throughout the film plot or even the main line drama, video camera language will be used in the familiar landscape of our lives wrapped in the cloak of terror, such Another creative savor the taste of some different kind, also a strange fear in the hearts of the audience implantation. Sea shells, inverted chair, colorful masks and a sense of these very elements of the game in the "solitary Fort Glory" will bring viewers subversive imagination.

Moving beyond the horror

Compared with the ordinary use of terror plot, atmosphere control of the film is more commendable. This is the kind of digging the content, structure and spatial light film on the hard to forget. To really "moving" as "scary," the foundation, especially for the female lead, "motherly love invincible" rendering, both types of film coincide terror law emotional than rational, more suspense added to the atmosphere. Because all the clues, the audience know that the heroine will ultimately reveal the answer, what answer can be that, while the heroine of the outcome, is not expected was. The story and even ending the film is undoubtedly very, very sad. For the horror film, this touching sentiment is extremely rare. The film lets you creeps in while, there are many thoughts entangled in the mind, unable to stop a little taste. Especially the video screen and the performance of rhythm, but it was amazing, can be described as "beautiful horror film.

Behind the story:

In the plot design, the "solitary Fort Glory" with a lot of camouflage to enhance the suspense, such as orphanages in past years, when the psychic for help, but they are not the answer to the puzzle. Considerable emphasis on the photographic film composition, whether it is the vision for the vast sea, or are in the narrow space of close-range, scenery lighting also creates a strong visual impact, so video is always with an appalling atmosphere. For decades the story in the orphanage, to the audience the ultimate motherly love, a strange old woman is brought about by evil, one is abandoned to bring Laura moved. "Solitary Fort Glory" is a supreme state of horror movies, it uses a mother's love for life and death instinct human barrier to destroy, it was always tightly gripping with such emotion and ultimately transcend death, but also beyond profane. Sensational soundtrack, the "feeling lonely Fort surprise" ending brings the audience warm miracle, at the same time came so naturally. Film seems to continue with "Pan's Labyrinth" has always been mysterious style, in the face of innocent children to find a different type of fear. But the story itself is about a heart not just the magic begin and end, more words are in order that a final outcome and bedding. Death is not an end but a beginning of happiness. "Fort shock isolated situation" alarming scene of terror language bears a heavy human glory, but also to find another type of a creative writing pieces.

As a horror thriller, "Solitary Fort Glory" won the Spanish domestic box office champion. Ten years to become the highest grossing local film, and won her Spain's "Oscar" --- Goya Awards. And were consistent with the general fan named one of world's top ten horror movie. See video in the art and the market of the double harvest. Video film history as the Spanish one of the most outstanding films, the overall sensory feast indeed a rare opportunity, it horror, compact, one climax after another at the same time delicate, refined, gloomy and sad. It is the film's fairy tale for adults, wonderful language of the camera is moved under the lingering behind the endless sadness that deeply. However, ending the film has brought us many pleasant surprises. After that sad warmth, like a ray of sunshine in the night to bring audience who is depressed even after the release of sublimation of the soul. This is also the headquarters of other horror films and horror movies the most not the same place, Tayongkongbu descriptive method Ti Xianle world of love, all the pain and lost the final Hui toward the end, but will wait until the last of the Shi Zhong is human nature's most shining light.
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