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Ye Xuan "Accident" attains the Oscar nomination to cooperate the tacit understanding with Gutianle

Apr 21st, 2010 3:27:39 am - Subscribe

Gutianle and leaf fine jade the other day, the movie which acted the leading role by Ye Xuan "Procession of lanterns to Definitely" in the geothermy is reflecting. Before this soon, Ye Xuan relies on its another movie "Accident" is accepted the 29th session of Hong Kong Oscar best supporting actress to nominate smoothly. "Accident" narrated Gutianle, Ye Xuan and so on several murderers is employed in the mystical backstage manipulator, the assassination escapes the legal sanction gangster or other goals, each assassination duty several near are similar to perfectly “the accident” the event, but is actually carrying out a task on the way, the plan changes suddenly, then develops the beyond redemption situation. Not only Ye Xuan has annotated many exquisite innermost feelings plays in the piece, but also has the massive match play with this piece of actor Gutianle. Talks about the movie "Accident" the photography experiences Ye Xuan to speak frankly not easily, she indicated: Photographs each play to direct requests me to have the most perfect performance, therefore facing lens time must display the best condition. the play middle period fine jade is commented with Gutianle cooperation by Hong Kong is called “the gold combination”, in piece in exquisite touching tacit understanding ten full coordination obviously two person of performing skill skills. Gutianle described during the interview Ye Xuan the performing skill is reborn at "Accident", and expressed that Ye Xuanneng is accepted Hong Kong Oscar best supporting actress not to be surprised “”, in cooperates after her will have the feeling leaf fine jade to have the possibility to rely on this piece extremely in the future to capture the movie award item, had not thought that this language will become the prophecy. Ye Xuan when talks about her cooperation “the match” Gutianle also indicated that although two person of family backgrounds in the Hong Kong Wireless Television station, but never has the opportunity cooperation before this, she commended that in Gutianle performance collects vividly, has each level clearly demarcated sends, is the very outstanding actor, and anticipates two people to be able once again the silver screen hand in hand.

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